Rising From Ashes not required for All Inspiration badge?

I finally completed the All Inspiration badge, but I haven’t done all of the inspiration rides…

Rising From Ashes does not seem to be necessary to get credit for All Inspiration.
What’s up?

@CraigM There is some weird algorithm in place because some of the videos were added later and they didn’t want to penalize people that already had the badge.

I would recommend Rising from the Ashes. It is sobering but is definitely a solid video.

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So I rode Rising from Ashes today, I just couldn’t leave one workout unridden, even if it was an Inspiration ride.
Glad I did, this was one of the best of the series.


I was wondering this. Once you have the badge, can you lose it when a new video comes out?

Taken from this support page https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406336785170-How-to-earn-Awards:

Note: Any previously earned awards may be reset when more workouts are added to the workout category. If you previously held an award, you will need to complete the newly added workouts to receive the award again. Awards may appear different from those in the SUF app. We reserve the right to sunset any awards at any time.

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