Roam v.2 battery indicator

I have a question for Roam v2 owners. Does the battery level indicator in your Roams also react with some kind of delay? That is, for example, I leave and I have 45%, ride 2h, return and I still have 45% (sometimes maybe 1-2% less), but when I turn the device off and turn it on again, it shows that it has already used 10 or 15%. I used to have Bolt v1 and there the battery depleted itself smoothly all the time (about 10% per hour, but smoothly, 98, 97, 96 and so on). Now I have a Roam and here the indicator behaves quite differently. The question is whether everyone has it like this, or is it just with me?
Also I’ve noticed that after charging to 100%, the first 20% goes quite fast but then the consumption slows.

Welcome @matomi !

I have noticed this. For me, I lose the first ~10% quite quickly, then the rate slows. I think that it’s quite difficult to accurately measure battery charge, so some variations in consumption rate is to be expected.

As long as you are getting the required battery life from the unit, then I think what you are seeing is reasonably normal. I’ll pay attention to whether my ROAM is at 20/40/60/80%, but not so much to 86 vs 87% (for example).