Roam V2 Waypoints

Waypoints are essential for planned rides, allowing you to adjust your route on a 2D map thinking where you’d like to go. But what if you decide on a spontaneous detour? Missing a waypoint means enduring incessant beeping, pushing you back to the one you missed.

We urgently need an option to delete the next waypoint. Sure, you can silence the GPS in route info, but that sacrifices your map view, and the beeping resumes once you exit.

This oversight is glaring, particularly on the Roam, a GPS that’s supposed to embrace adventurous spirit and on-the-fly exploration.

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Agreed. Often overlooked but pause route or recalculation would be clutch. Garmin does this but no other so far?

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Have you tried toggling the Auto-reroute option to OFF in the CA?

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I will give that a try and see how it goes.


Disabling auto-rerouting definitely helps, but there are still situations where a chunk of your ride might be missed (maybe you purposly added a waypoint to view something). The option to dismiss the next waypoint is a crucial feature that should be implemented.

lol. I don’t work for The Company. If I did, there are quite a few things I’d do differently :wink:

All good. It’s just that you replied to me so I figured your suggestions were directed at me and that you figured I worked for Wahoo. I don’t work for anyone, lol. Retirement for the win!!


Yep. And for the record, I don’t work for either Wahoo or Zwift. I enjoy volunteering to help the unhoused.