Running for cyclists

Is it a good idea for a cyclist to introduce running into their training? And if so, how?

A bit of background; I came to cycling a couple of years ago from starting to run more as I had persistent issues with ITB syndrome. Since then I’ve only run a handful of times, pretty slowly, keeping HR in zone 2, and only for a few miles. My cycling goal is to work on base/FTP over the winter, then the higher end next spring ready to do a few circuit races (hopefully, covid allowing).

Would starting to run again be any benefit to me? Obviously I don’t really want to risk inflaming my ITB.

Hey @Alistair_Brown,
Introducing running into your off season is not a bad idea if you enjoy it. The off season is the best time to try something new. It’ll help add variety to your training, as well as increasing bone density. You just have to be careful and not overdo it. It’ll take a while to adapt to the impact to your joints and muscles. Performing a dynamic warm up which include running drills will help stave off injury as well as incorporating yoga into your routine. Let us know how it goes.
Be careful you may develop multi sport tendencies

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Thanks @Coach.Spencer.R Could you give a guide as to when it would be best to fit a run into a typical cycling training week? i.e. hour long Suf sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with the longer rides at the weekend. Thank you.

My wife has just bought a treadmill, I’ve started using it to warm up and cool down on strength days (saves 10 minutes getting the bike out and putting it away when I don’t even spin that long) with the intention to gradually build up once I’ve completed intermediate level (just about to hit sessions 6A and 6B)

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Hey @Alistair_Brown,
You may want to replace one ride with a run session at first. Example run Tuesday and Friday, then bike Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday with Monday completely off. Or do a 30 min recovery ride on a Tuesday run day. Do you have any longer term goals, like cyclocross?

Only some circuit racing next season, not cyclocross… yet! I might try adding a 30 min run on a Friday and see how it goes.