Running videos?

Why have the sufferfest running sessions all changed to novids? The footage and music on them was great!

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My guess is that they are in a state of major transition, given that videos are only useful indoors and Wahoo is in the slow process of debuting their new product, the KICKR Bike of treadmills…

I would guess there will be more and better content soon.


Licensing issue:

Let’s hope the Company re-introduce running videos now that they’ve got an indoor running device to sell.

Yeh, I still wouldn’t get overly hopeful there. What I’d expect to see down the road is their running workouts incorporated into Zwift. I’d be happy to be wrong.

Edit: I should clarify that I think it’d be great if all the running workouts were incorporated into Zwift, but that I’d be happy to wrong about The Company making running videos.