Same workout twice in one week?

I started the 12-week general road plan in late November with the 3:1 work to rest option. Looking ahead in the calendar, I see that in week 4, the rest week, “Getting Away With It” has been scheduled twice, once on Tuesday and again on Thursday. Is there a training rationale for this, or is it a statistical glitch in how workouts are chosen for a given 4DP and plan? It’s a great workout and Michael Cotty’s videos are always enjoyable, but variety is the spice of life. Absent a solid reason to do otherwise, I would be inclined to replace one of these with another FTP-focused workout of similar length and IF.

Has anyone observed something similar in one of the plans?

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I’m guessing it’s an error. I’d just find a ride of similar scope/length/intensity and swap it out.


Agree with Glen.C. Another option, and one that I often use, is do the workout with the video off and watch something else. It’s easy to google and find YouTube race or ride/workout videos of various lengths. As an mtber, I like mtb POVs. The varied terrain, obstacles, trails etc can be more interesting than pavement POVs.

Here’s an example of some mtb XC race vids I like:


I am not certain of why the App would server you the same workout twice in one week, but is definitely OK to swap the workout for a similar workout, targeting the same metabolic system with similar TSS and IF. Happy training!

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I have swapped one of these for the On Location workout Route des Cretes, which has similar length, 4DP focus and IF. And I still get to watch Michael Cotty.

As an aside, perhaps a bug report is in order to whoever is responsible for the training plan software. I’m by no means a coder, but I am presuming that the algorithm is missing a final step that would check the assigned workouts for this kind of accidental redundancy.

what is the precise plan you are on @Salsa, I was unable to replicate in my attempts.

Edit: also, what was your plan start and/or end date

All purpose plan for a Pursuiter profile, starting on November 28 and ending on February 19.

I’ve taken a quick look through the whole plan and this does not occur anywhere else, although there are a few repeats separated by several weeks, e.g. The Way Out later this week and on January 15; Recharger on December 27 and February 7.

Was it it low moderate o r high volume?

Moderate, 3 - 5 hours/week on the bike + 2 sessions of strength training.

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3-5 hours is the Low Volume and I can replicate it.

You should def report this to Support:

Edit: I’ve also reported it as a bug (if anyone else is looking). In any case @Salsa, you’ve got the resolution at hand, now go crush your plan!


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I wonder if I have uncovered another glitch in scheduling. I’m currently on a recovery week of a 12-week plan, culminating in the Half Monty ramp test on Sunday.

I’m following a low-volume version, and Mondays are set as no-activity days through the entire plan, except for the Monday following the Half Monty, which has Tool Shed Mash Up scheduled (see screen shot below).

I know that HM is not quite the ultimate in suffering that Full Frontal is, but it seems odd that something as challenging as the Tool Shed Mash Up comes immediately after HM when all other Mondays are rest days. I’m leaning towards moving this workout to the Tuesday. Looks like the minions have a little more polishing to do on plan scheduling.

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I’d consider deleting and re-adding the plan with the same end or start date. You won’t lose anything you’ve done and it might correct the glitch. It’s highly doubtful you get TS on a Monday

When I input your plan I don’t get that.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve checked through the rest of the plan (finishes on Feb 19) and everything else looks fine. So easiest path, I think, is to just click and drag from Monday to Tuesday.

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Your call, obviously, I’d just have been personally curious if the oddities would have self corrected with a delete and re-add.