Saris H3-4DP Set up

Going to be hitting a 4DP test in the near future on the Saris H3.

I have done quite a few 4DPs, so I am comfortable with the process, my question is-how do I set up my Saris H3 to go into level slope mode for the duration?

I know it defaults to ERG mode.



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Welcome to the forums @Nowlan!

When you start the the workout, before you press play, you can get into the level you want by using the number keys on the keyboard from. 0-9 if you’re using the desktop app, or by tapping the gear icon at the top in either desktop or tablet

Before you test though, I’d do an open vid in level mode to see what level works best for you when sprinting and when doing a longer harder effort. 0-2 are usually what is recommended.


Much appreciated.

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