Screen rotation

The app on my iPhone is getting very confused about screen rotation. Sometimes gets stuck in portrait, other times in landscape. Some workouts sticking in portrait which doesn’t help when AirPlaying to AppleTV as just get a tiny video in the centre of the screen. iPhone 14ProMax on ios16.0.1. Same for my wife on iPhone 12 mini.
Anyone else having the same trouble or have any suggestions? Thank you


I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 12 Mini today as well as the power on my Kickr bouncing all over the place even after updating the Kickr firmware… Software was unusable for me today. First time I have had any problems.

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Lol. 14.99 per month. Mine won’t rotate either. There are 99 cent apps that are better than this crap. Ever since Sufferfest got absorbed, it has been downhill ever since. Also, cannot select the X in the upper right corner. This is the crap I get–>

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@Dooder I just tried to replicate your issue and couldn’t. You may need to delete and reinstall. Definitely reach out to support. There is a phone number or you can contact them via email.

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Yep I logged it as an issue earlier this week, not sure if it correlates with IOS 16 upgrade. Reboot fixes it but only temporarily ie then you get stuck in landscape.

I “suffer” with the same issues as @Dooder. Logged the issue and they are aware of it and working on it. I don’t begrudge them for initial issues after a big IOS change but would be disappointing if it takes awhile to remedy.

Just subscribed today and I can only get portrait mode. I thought I had a workaround which was to open the app in landscape mode which seemed to work but now it doesn’t. It just flips back round to portrait. We’ve tried this on 3 different iPhones and they all do the same thing. RGT works ok. So currently SYSTM is unusable.

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I reinstalled and it seemed to fix it for the brief moment I tested it. Will be going for a ride today.

These sort of issues are really inexcusable for how much we pay. This is the single most expensive piece of software I spend money on (all of Microsoft Office costs less!). I’ll give them a call if the problem persists.

Mine is stuck in portrait. Puts setting in top right hand of screen where it won’t respond to touch input. I am on iPhone 14 Pro. App is currently unusable. I have restarted phone, force closed app and re-installed app all without it fixing. My other apps that rotate to landscape are working just fine.

Any software updates coming to address this bug? It is really completely unusable on iOS 16.0.1 on iPhone 14 Pro.

Had this update today

[the devs] have advised me of the following temporary solution “To force the app back to the appropriate screen orientation, please have the customer hard close the app and restart.”

I found the following worked for me:
Force close the app
Hold phone in Landscape
Open the app.

Before trying this I had spent 30 mins restarting the phone, deleting & reinstalling the app.
All to do a 20 min recovery.
I literally do not have time for this. It’s infuriating and robs me of precious training time. I may be going back to TrainerRoad


I tried that but didn’t seem to work. Will have to try it again. Also running an iPhone14 Pro on the latest OS version

Should we all be emailing the minions or is it a known issue at this point?

Just had this, hurrah for minions

I’m sending you this note to let you know that we have just released SYSTM version 7.50.0 - this update will resolve the screen orientation issues you were experiencing since updating to iOS 16.0.

Please update your SYSTM app to version 7.50.0 and if you experience any other screen orientation issues, please let me know.


I thought to share what fixed my issue . I eventually got rid of the issue by enabling the auto-rotation feature on your iPhone.