Search for workout from home page

I would love to have a search bar right on the opening home page that I can type a workout name, click and start training.

I’ll take this opportunity to also say that SYSTM has been rock-solid for me. I appreciate the hard work you all have put into this.



Yes!!! Yessss!!! Please yes!!!

Me too. Would have to work a bit different to the search in the library, which would be a headache for the designers, but absolutely something I’d use.

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A “straight to suffering” bar. Love it.


+1 from me. I often know which ride I want to do when I fire up SYSTM and want to be able to type a key word, like ‘scream’ which I am pretty sure only appears in one vid title. Or I might want to do a yoga session that has ‘shoulder’ in the title. I don’t want to have to click on Library, Category etc before I can search. Please add a search bar to the top of main screen. :pray:t2:


Well…there’s Team Scream, Long Scream, and even the evil @abicarver gives us Screaming Toe pose (which can’t be searched using the current search function, not like I’d ever search for it to do it, though, I may search for it NOT to do it :stuck_out_tongue: ). Oh, and don’t forget Ian Boswell gives us his Creemee Ride which is really just a great excuse to go get ice cream. But still +1 from me too (again).


Screaming toe sounds like something I’d prefer to avoid but will check out Long Scream :scream:

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Oh dear. They’re both horrible.