OL with Nicole

Just done the On Location with Nicole Frain - Richmond session.
What a blast!! She was great company and made me work HARD. She had me all over the bike: seated, standing, on the drops, low and high cadence.
Loved it…
More please😀


Wait until you do Cygnet Coast - that’s a fun one too. My favourite from Nicole’s series. :+1:


I tagged that one as Violator lite :wink: FANTASTIC workout!!


So, I figured I’d take a look at these workouts. Can’t find them by searching on Nicole, or Frain. Richmond works for that one, and Cygnet for the other. How would I find others by Nicole? Also, Glen.Coutts mentions “tagging.” Is that literal or figurative? Is there a way to tag or otherwise earmark workouts in SYSTM?


Look at On Location Tasmania. I don’t think you can ‘tag’ a session. I think he just meant that that’s what it felt like to him…


Literally tagged as in made a note in the activity note section. That way, I can search it in my activity history (edit: not my SYSTM history, but my Strava).

Still waiting for SYSTM to get a favourites thing so we can sort by that :slight_smile:


If they offer a “favorites” thing, then I’d also like the opposite. Like a “loathe with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, never again” button.



How about a :star::star::star::star::star: rating.


Got it. Thanks for the clarifications. It def would be good if there was a way to tag workouts for future reference, and to create a TBD list. I presume the trick with Strava only works if you have done the workout so it shows up there. Now it’s a matter of scribbling a note somewhere else (analog or digital).

As far as searching, I’d have to figure out that both Richmond and Cygnet are in Tasmania to know to look for On Location, Tasmania. And Nicole may have non-Tasmanian workouts that couldn’t be found this way. IMO, workouts should be searchable by host, creator, narrator, etc…


Yup, there’s LOADS of room for an improved search function. I think there should be a search function right on the home page (in the nav menu perhaps) that allows you to search all categories. Barring that, there should be one at the top of the Library that allows a search across all categories. But no-one is asking me :man_shrugging:


Needs a red star option…for “Never Again and replace amy instance this comes up in my plan with an alternative” but you know what they say,

“If it tastes that bad, it MUST be good for you!” - Who’s the Boss


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or, for @Glen.Coutts

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I think the current search only looks at the words in the title of the workout, and does not go into the description.

Perhaps a future enhancement can be the option to search in the description as well.

The On Location ride titles reference the location, not the host. They’re different to the A Week With… in that sense.


I second that request. Nicole Frain pro rides are my favourite to date. She is such a smart rider -it’s great to see her work in the peloton to create the best possible position from which to attack or defend.


I’ve loved the Tassie series too. Great locations, great workouts and Nicole is a brilliant companion.

My only issue was that at one point (actually I think twice) she says something like It’s a hard workout. I’m glad you’re here with me".

Sorry Nicole, I wasn’t. I was a long, long way behind you.

I loved all the sessions and whilst had no specific favourite, the Cygnet Coast Road was a beast!

I’m thinking I need to do the Pro rides with her soon.