Wahoo Wednesdays | Let the SYSTM team hear your feedback | October 27th 2021

My trainer and power meter can be 10w or more out when it’s cold. Power match has been scrapped. If I alter workout % then it alters the target. I could do level mode, but I don’t want to have to do all my workouts in level mode.

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yep, I was missing something :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been pretty lucky to have my trainer power and my PM power within a handful of watts.

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I wonder if there’s interest in building in social elements. Last year TR enabled ‘multi rider’ sessions - though no idea what feedback that got (I know a few people who did ramp tests that way, but I can’t see myself doing Joyride while watching others/being watched…).

That said, a way of teaming up with others and seeing their progress could be interesting - eg as part of a team during Tour de SUF, or just doing a training plan during the same time period. At the moment that all has to happen via Strava etc.


A few improvement ideas not seen in above post :

  • demo the next move in strength sessions during recovery like the old one used too

  • add an option in plan selection for cycle hilly multiday


I think they are inconsistent about it, but it seems that most of the time they do not demo the next move beforehand.

I also have the impression, that there is less time between the moves to set yourself up which is not good.

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I know how many days a week I am available for hard training and what days of the week those are. Have a training plan builder that lets me pick those hard days (e.g. Tuesdays and Sundays). Then fill in the rest of my week with recovery or whatever. I may have to ignore some of the recovery or whatever due to scheduling issues. But at least my hard days will be properly sequenced and my intense training will build properly.


Please focus on Cycling features first and foremost. The Yoga and mental health features should’ve only been worked on when you were completely done with the cycling ecosystem, most notably:

  1. All training plans should work indoors or outdoors, user preference. TrainerRoad already syncs to Wahoo for Planned workouts sync to the ELMNT headunit, why doesn’t Wahoo SYSTM…you’re Wahoo after all! Why did you bother with fufu yoga and mental health before getting the cycling features nailed down?

I live in Southern California, so I can ride outdoors all year around. 3 hours outdoors feels like 30 minutes in the pain cave trainer, so allow me to select outdoors and have it sync both ways from my ELMNT bike unit to the Wahoo SYSTEM planned workouts calendar.


My top ask would be to get back a few of the features we lost on the move to Systm.

  1. The filtering options and ways to select workouts are great and on balance an improvement but I would add;
  • a marker for whether downloaded or not against each workout in the list of workouts
  • a filter for downloaded or not
  • a counter on the list of workouts of times ridden and also last ridden date
  • an option to sort by last ridden
  1. The Progress Tab is very empty. I miss the list of workouts with number of times ridden against them. We seem to have lost a bit of history of past tests done.

I’ve had more problems than I remember in the past with cropping of videos - not a huge issue just slightly irritating.

Other than that all going well with the new App and welcome the additional bike workouts and categories.

See more people complaining on here about the music than praising it. Just want to say I think you are doing a great job with the music - love it and it is such an important part of making workouts that motivate to have well choreographed soundtracks so keep up the focus on delivering fun and entertaining new Sufferfest style videos.


This might be odd, and not sure this fits here, but a second FF video.

I’ve done FF more than I can count (and, for now, SYSTM does not show the count). It’d be nice to have a second FF with different video/music, but same structure, just as alternate choice. Chasing Sagan is nice, but I kind of want to beat someone else now… :confounded:


My wishlist (now the streaming issues seem to be sorted) for what it’s worth would be:

  1. A cycling & running plan where running workouts, at least, will push to my Garmin watch or an equivalent Wahoo product? Currently, I’m trying to work my Garmin plan around my Systm one which is a bit of a pain.

1a)… and if I can’t have 1) then the ability to adjust my Systm plan based on my Garmin workouts

  1. Drag and drop on the calendar (although that’s primarily connected to 1) for me but would still be nice.

Aaannnd, straight out of left field…

  1. At least some workouts where the beat of the music corresponds with the cadence target. Yes, I know that’s spinning, I like spinning, fight me!

I can’t think of anything else right now and, would you look at that! I’m actually coming around to Systm, not least because of how the devs actually seem responsive and maybe actually listen to some of these wishlists. Who’da thunk it! Systm’s still a stupid name though haha


Cobbler does this.


Ha! I didn’t know that. Thanks, I’ll give it a… ahem… spin :slight_smile:


Compared to spinning it’ll be a very slow spin. Just did Cobbler this morning and most of the targets are in the 65 - 80rpm range (including 68, 72 & 76 to match the beat)

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Chasing Van Aert would be good


I’d like the ability to swap a workout for a ‘similar’ one. Eg. I often do the all road plan, and done some of the vids more times than I can remember. It’d be nice to be able to select ones that’re similar (with a % similarity secure would be great!) for some extra variation


+1 on that.

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Yeah, I have done The Shovel too many times, maybe I need to substitute Violator instead. :slight_smile:

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I think some of these have been mentioned but let me share.

  1. Bring back the notification on any workout that shows if you have done it before, and when the last time was, when you click on any workout. It was a feature of Sufferfest so you own the coding technology. I find that very useful if I have finished my scheduled ride and want to add a new one that I have not yet done.

  2. Bring back the % downloaded feature, again as you had in Sufferfest. Sometimes videos download very quickly and sometimes not so much. So if I am downloading a video and it has been a while, I have no way to know if I wait just a few minutes it should finish because it is already 95% downloaded or cancel it because it has only downloaded 50% in half an hour. Now when I am ready to start I just cancel it because I no longer have that info.

  3. Add a way to change settings via a blue tooth remote. I know some people have a tablet close but that is not an option for me. I have a laptop on a table hooked up to a 43" TV. It’s great for video viewing or running a movie with the NoVid rides but I have to stop and dismount to change anything.



I propose that the app should do that for us. I’m not a programmer, but I see a logic path like this:

Day X: Climbing. TSS 53.
Filter for Climbing
Select all TSS 53 +/- 10
Sort by # of completions
Select lowest # of completions
If rides w/lowest # of completions >1 (i.e., a tie), sort by last completed
Select earliest date
If # of unridden rides >1, sort by time
Select shortest

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