Setting training plans for multiple events

If you have multiple events, say 4-6 weeks apart and your current plan finishes when the first of those events happens, what’s the best option for training in between? I usually just schedule the next appropriate plan for the next event and do the last few weeks of it - with a bit of recovery for a few days before starting it. Should you rather set the plan to end at the last event in the series?

@henryd Yes - that works but I think it depends on whether it is an A, B or C race as well. Sometimes I just do B/C races mid-plan and adjust or swap workouts around the event so that I am not too fatigued and other times I will use the method you noted above. If I am doing a 45 minute XC race and I had something like HHNF on the schedule that day I would just do the event and delete HHNF but also add in a warm-up and cool down.

Thanks @JSampson - I guess then it’s just whether you think the event needs a taper week leading in or not (either an A event or a long distance one) as to which option to take

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I would advice you to take an active recovery week following your event. Then I would repeat the last cycle of training prior to your taper for your first event, and then implement your taper.

Week 1 - Active Recovery
Week 2 - Build Week One from your last Build Cycle
Week 3 - Build Week Two from your last Build Cycle
Week 4 - Taper Week for Race

If you have additional weeks to fill, just continue to work your way backwards from your last training plan. Remember that as you are closer to your event, rest and feeling refreshed is essential. Reducing your volume and doing shorter higher intense workouts to keep your top end speed will result in a greater metabolic adaptation with less physiological fatigue.

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What about if the races come even closer? I see B/C races as an opportunity for making micro-cycles if they come close. Days after the race;
Day 1: Active recovery
Day 2: FTP/MAP session
Day 3: Active recovery
Day 4: Taper session
Day 5: Active recovery
Day 6: Primers
Day 7: New B/C race

I have a race coming 21st of May, then a 3-day training camp the weekend after, then a race again on the 4th of June. I would then do something similiar to above, only days 6, 7 and 8 after the first race are likely to 4-7 hour days on training camp, so might skip a MAP/FTP session prior to the second race.

After the second race I plan a recovery week, then a week with some intensity, then a taper week before my A race on the 30th of June.

For fitness/volume reference, I am currently on the 3:1 high volume mountain fondo plan and have had some solid 10+ hr weeks lately.

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