Scheduling plan end day for multi-day event

multi-day bike tour coming up, but with lots of time packing bike, traveling, touristing, building bike etc. at the start.
E.g. flying tuesday april 12, not riding until saturday/sunday april 16/17.

I was thinking of doing one of the four week building block (perhaps FTP or below) training plans beforehand, but when to set the end day?
Should I have the “recovery” week end on Sunday a whole week before we actually start riding,
Or set it to Sunday around when we start riding, knowing that majority of the recovery rides in the plan will get skipped in favor of sitting on airplanes, walking around all day touristing, etc.?

(trying to cram in one last training block before the trip - just coming off ToS and sleeping in right now. :slight_smile: )


personally, I’d go with option 2 using the transition time as the recovery window. Going anywhere nice?

+1 on option 2. Also, if you fly via SufferlandriAir, you’ll be powering the plane so, you may want to take that into consideration in the lead up to the race.


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You might get some help from the hamsters.

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Ha, a bike on a trainer is probably MORE comfortable than an economy airline seat…

Portugal and the Duoro river valley! Plenty of along the river roads for couchlandrians, but true Sufferlandrians will climb out of the valley each day.
(This was to be a spring 2020 trip… been waiting a long time!)