Missed workout

Yesterday I missed an endurance ride due to work.

Is it ok to do the endurance ride after the higher intense training session I need to do today to “catch up”? Or should i just forget about the missed training session from yesterday.


Ya know, I just go around and around on this one, being the type-a obsessive that I am. I’ve concluded I just need to let those go, rather than stress about how I’m going to make it up. Now obv. if you’re losing a WEEK or something, that’s a more substantive discussion. But don’t sweat a lost day. It will matter very little in the grand scheme.

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Shake it off, commit to having a good day today.


Nach einer hit Einheit kann man grundsätzlich eine lit Einheit dranhängen.
Voraussetzung: Körper schafft es leicht und die Ausdauer reicht. HF sollte nicht über zone 2 gehen.

I think CPT_A is correct. But there is a compromise between the doing the missed ride and not. There is nothing sacred about any specific ride. You might want to consider doing the higher intensity ride and follow it with a shorter endurance effort from another video if the endurance ride you missed would be too much to do after the higher intensity ride.


This is not an uncommon question. The coaches have addressed it before. If you search “missed workouts” you’ll find a lot of questions with a lot of answers. Here’s one thread posted by the SUF coaches that should help. @CPT_A’s answer is good advice.


@CPT_A Spot on. Unless you are in your last ‘brick’ of workouts, don’t sweat it. If it is the last ‘brick’ and you are doing a long sportive, try to fit it in. Otherwise, wash your bike…(it just might need it if you’ve been riding for weeks indoors.) @emacdoug Also pointed out the Coaches (actually Chief Science Officer’s Office) write up as well.

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