Specify number & length of sessions, and days of the week

Having come from Sufferfest, I had been using the couch to crusher and then general purpose cycling (12wk) plan. These worked very well for me, being normally 4 sessions a week (sometimes 5), and normally <1hr per session.

Having now moved across to Systm, I’m struggling to identify a plan that fits to the time I have available.

Is it possible to set up a max number of sessions per week? Max time per session? Preferences on which days of the week? If so, where/how do I do so?!

In case it helps point me in the right direction:
goal: weightloss via EPOC and increasing BMR (currently 98kg)
time available: typically 1hr any weekday, no time at weekends (toddlers). Occasional sessions can be 1.5hrs

Any help gratefully receiverd

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I’d be really interested in this too. I’m new to systm, and only have certain days of the week that are available to train. It would be great if we could specify training constraints and have the plans set around them.

Hi and welcome!

The short answer is ‘No, you cannot specify that’. I do hope that such features will be included in future updates. It makes sense.

The workaround method requires a bit of legwork: This is how I do it:

Specify in your plan the volume of exercise in your plan (Low, Moderate, High). You can review the schedule before you add it to the calendar to see whether the total volume makes sense to you.

When you’ve got a plan that looks relatively OK on the surface, add it to your calendar. Then go through it and reschedule or delete workouts that don’t suit you (three little dots on the top right of the session).

You can either pick a plan that has too many sessions, and you delete the ones that don’t suit you (with the risk that you delete all the important ones), or you pick one with the right amount of hours per week that you can do and reshuffle.

Rules of thumb I apply:

  • Inspiration and recovery rides can fit in anywhere, you can even add them for the fun of it.
  • Harder sessions may require the preparation session (or rest) before, or recovery (or rest) after to have the best effect.

I’m sure that’s not a fully coach-approved method, but it works for me.

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