SYSTM KickStarter Increase Weekly Hours

Hi! I started with SYSTM about a month ago. Did the 2-week trial then started the Fitness KickStarter. I love the programs and the rides. This is a great app and program.

The app is scheduling me for about 3 hours a week. I feel like I can do more and want to do more.

Can I increase the number of hours per week I train in SYSTM without ending my current plan?

How would I do that?


From the library, select desired workout(s) and add them to your calendar. Alternatively, just ride a workout from the library on any given day and it will be added to your calendar once completed.

The less than ideal workaround is to delete your current plan, making note of the end date, and starting a new one with higher volume. You can preview these plans (and view the schedule) prior to implementing them or deleting your current one.

When deleting a plan you don’t lose any of the things you’ve already done, ie they will continue to show as complete in your calendar.

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@Glen.Coutts OTOH, by going this route, rather than manually adding in volume, you allow the plan to do its job and tailor your workouts to address stress and rest. Eliminates guesswork.

@lksafford One of the toughest lessons I had to learn in my first year of SUFF was that there’s nothing sacrosanct about “the plan”. There’s no bonus swag at the end of 12 weeks for finishers. It’s a program and a process. If it’s not working for you, or you need to change something, go with it.


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Hey @lksafford ,
If I was writing your plan, I’d delete your current plan and start a new one with desired volume. Another option is to implement the Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS)Training Plan starting January 3 and leads up to the epic Tour 27 Feb- 5 Mar. It’s a lot of fun (read: suffering) and a chance to win some really cool prizes while raising money for the Davis Phinney Foundation (See header at the top of the thread).