5 hrs of Sprint 10 x 10s

Apologies in advance and I fully realize I am being TOTALLY anal here but(t), I’ve got a 5 hour Outdoor Sprint Session of 10x10s coming up in a week. The notes say 23x10 second sprints with rest intervals of 11 mins 50 seconds. I can’t do this outdoors and the closest I see of this is as a NoVid is the Sprints: 8x10 (10 min) 3 sets of this is bang on 5 hours but the recovery sections are 2 mins short. It seems close enough, yeh?

Ooo, 5 hours of sprinting :heart_eyes:

Although only 23 sprints :cry:

Sorry, can’t help. Well I could help but you wouldn’t want me to :smiling_imp:

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Sir @JamesT, don’t worry, I’ve got Violator in the plan for Monday BOOM!