Stage 6 WARNING (esp 4 noobs) TBTITW should have been named AWISC ……

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ AWISC. :sheep: :grimacing::wolf:

DON’T take it for granted. DON’T be fooled by that graph. DON’T say you weren’t warned!

Not known for the bluntness of the bite …


100% NOT the best thing in the world, unless you like buckets :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Agreed. I can come up with a very large number of things that are better without even trying hard. 45 minutes and it never fails to kick my butt. I think it’s one of those under-the-radar workouts; everyone knows AVDP, Nine Hammers, etc - TBTITW just sits quietly off to the side, minding its own business, waiting to lure unsuspecting riders into its clutches.


TBTITW definitely bites hard after 5 days straight (with very little prep for the tour).

I almost DNF’d


“Almost DNF’d” == “Finished and nailed it!”


Better than lying in bed surrounded by Kleenex and coughing every time you get up. I’m jealous. Hopefully back in the saddle soon.


Spot on. A jewel in the crown hiding in plain sight. Similar to The Way Out it’s super cunning in design. Two lengthy pieces both with some high cadence climbing. The second (12 min piece) has just about sufficient recovery to allow you through, whereas in the first, it’s 13.5min big brother, you can really feel the deficit accumulating.

Appeals to my inner Sufferlandrian ….
Glory in Suffering at its best!
cheers SUF

Right, that’s the rear view. What’s up next?

Now would be the worst time in the World for …”

sooo many options. My first thought is always Defender. But, then there’s always HHNF. Perhaps The Wretched could be fun? Kitchen Sink? Violator? All of the above.
The reverse ToS where you do all the rides you’d just completed over 7 days but in reverse order so you can get back to where you started.

We will await your choice(s) Sir @SupaSarge

evil laugh


@Glen.Coutts … well, as it happen Von Coutts I was just thinking:

SUF idol
Cash Register

…. but now, as always, uve got me thinking :thinking:

Since this is my first Tour, maybe ToS 21 followed by ToS 2020 and so on till I’m all caught up?

No wait, wassat? Rubber Glove S1 2014, aww wot a pity, no can do :laughing:


I may know a guy…


Drat and dubbl-drat. Quickly, the barrier has been removed … I must think up another!!


I think you’d satisfy the spirit of the challenge by simply substituting Rubber Glove with Full Frontal. But, since you’d be so fatigued by the time you got to it, you’d have to ignore the results or the remaining stages of ToS 2014 would be too easy :wink:


Call me old fashioned but when a man uve never met, who has an evil laugh, starts talking about substituting rubber gloves … I generally find it sage advice to get the hell outta dodge. No offence like :wink:

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none taken Sir Giles.

Can you see the suffer in my reflection on a 1000 drops of holy water? (taken after only 25 minutes or so during the “recovery” in the middle):