STAND pops up at the top of the screen, for which I dutifully stand. I would prefer if there was some warning it was coming, kinda like the progress bars for power or cadence changes. Also, I’d much prefer it was near the data bar rather than separately up at the top of the screen.

Usually, you hear a ping too. That helps.

If you forget, ignore, or are late, it’s not the worst.

If you need more time to get up, you may want to look into “Elements of Style”. There’s some good practice there.


I’m pretty much always a couple of seconds late on the standing and sitting. I figure I’m standing for the target length of time, just delayed by a couple of seconds from the video. I don’t think the exact timing is critical.

I also give up on the cadence targets during the standing section, especially if they’re at or over 90 rpm.




PoundSign definitely!

Generally, you can assume you’re in for a STAND whenever the cadence drops to 80 or less.

Honestly, though, don’t stress it. It’s more important that you get out of the saddle for a few seconds to reset your position and bring a few more muscles into play.