Stick to the plans and you'll see the results!

Just wow. After getting worried that I was overtraining and the plans had stopped showing any benefits the start of the outdoor season has squashed those thoughts. I have never been stronger outdoors (losing 20 pounds in weight has also helped) but the results outside speak for themselves. Last year I struggled to keep up with some strong friends and this year the roles are reversed, culminating in a beautiful ride on Skyline Drive with over 40 PBs without ever feeling like I was working really hard with plenty left in the tank.

Thank you Sufferfest and @abicarver - between the plans and daily yoga the results are almost miraculous!


Oh, to have Shenandoah N.P. out my back door. A beautiful drive, bet it’s even better on a bike.

:national_park: :biking_woman: :biking_man:


Awesome work!! Always great to see tangible gains when you’ve put so much time and effort in!


It’s so wonderful to hear that you are now smoking your friends! And a testament to all the work that you have put in on the bike and on the mat. Long may your significant improvements in performance continue!