Storming the Castle on Friday (9 Dec)

At the beginning of the year, I asked myself “What is something I could do this year that would seriously stretch me and be something I’d be very proud to achieve?” The answer that immediately came back was “Become a Knight of Sufferfest!”

Still experiencing crap endurance post-jabs and recovering from covid, this seemed to be a true BHAG (big hairy audacious goal).

That one decision set in motion an amazing journey this year that got me comfortable with so many aspects of being something I’ve never been, a serious athlete. I’ve also been greatly blessed by the sharing of so many wise and experienced Knights in this community.

As I write this, I feel ready. I am no longer awed by the my quest. In my heart, I’ve already accomplished it. BHAG no longer big or hairy, but still a bit audacious!

I got mixed feedback on my Ride Plan from the Sufferlandrian Knighthood Quest Planning Committee. Some applauded the amount of pain I was proposing to undertake. [That felt good.] Others advised a bit of caution. [Ach! Words of wisdom!]

I’m 59 years old and only recently have learned to check my ego and follow wise advice. So I jiggered my Plan and present it below. Your comments are appreciated!


I’m also raising money for World Bicycle Relief. There’s a clip about it at the end of one of the videos and I’ve ever since wanted to help them. If you feel so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate you donating something. :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks like an excellent route! The grindiness of G.O.A.T. at #10 will be excellent suffering for you. :smiling_imp:

And Butter at #7 - one of my all time favorites. It was #10 in my quest.

How has your preparation been? Did you do some practice sessions to get the changeover dialed?

Best of luck for the quest! We’ll look forward to following along here if you are able to put up some progress reports.


I feel ready. I did the KOS prep plan from TrainingPeaks which had me do a 3-ride session and a 5-ride session. That helped tremendously to get me comfortable with the physical and mental pacing, as well as the environmental adjustments I need to make.

I’ll definitely post updates here during the ride. Posting to social media wasn’t in my prep-plan, but I had that conversation earlier today in another thread. I need to do it! :sweat_smile:


Sounds good! Enjoy the day!


Mine too! A few Knights advised making #7 a favorite as that seems to be the point in the quest where many people start to crack.

G.O.A.T. is also a favorite, but only recently. I started the year with a climbing weakness that has become a strength from all the All Purpose Training I did in 2022. A testament to the science behind the SUFF system … it works!

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I think your plan looks horrible!!! Besides HHNF, there is only one video I would be less inclined to start my quest with and that’s Defender! So…APPROVED!

provided you realize I have absolutely no authority over such matters :slight_smile:


And may I add dear Sir, even less inclined to end with Defender. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nothing and no one should dull the suffering… as long as you ahem ahem (and your should) enjoy the suffering you chose to undertake. Just set your intensities right and keeping that head held high, and you should be just fine.

The playlist, looks awesome and we know, you will suffer gloriously!

Oh don’t forget to drink up too! The weather you have in SG isn’'t all that different from here in MY but since it’s the year end, it should be quite cooling. Just praying that it wouldn’t be an erratic weather on your quest day. :slight_smile:


As much as I love GOAT, you should take it out and replace it with Defender or Violator.

You get to decide if I’m being serious or not. :wink:

Your list looks like excellent suffering. I can’t wait for your big day! :+1:

I’ll be taking notes… :eyes::muscle::sunglasses:


Power Station AND G.O.A.T?! Amazing. I have a tough enough time hitting those cadence targets on a good day. Not to mention that 5:00am start :sleeping:

Enjoy! You will crush it.

I’ve got mine tentatively scheduled for a little over 2 weeks from now so I will be following this thread with eager curiosity and wishing you the very best!



Godspeed, both of you.


WHOO boy! That is some serious suffering!

If you’re able to keep us in the loop here Friday, ill be following along, cheering you on!

Be nice to not be the baby knight already…:smirk:


HEY ME TOO! I pledged $1 per (virtual) mile.



Wasn’t going to be a downer, but Team Scream there in the middle?



Ouch - what an awesome smorgasbord of suffering you’ve got lined up!

I did 6 of your selection in my quest in the summer and it was horrible. But Team Scream? You are clearly insane.

Hardest part of the quest for me was eating. First time I’ve ever eaten on the bike and tried to keep carbs coming in but the sheer quantity of food was a struggle. I need more practice at this part - maybe without the bike would be easier :slight_smile:




I’d planned my quest for 0500 too. Morning of I rolled over and decided 0600 would work just as well. :smirk:


I’m looking at starting a 7:00am as I will definitely need time as much time as possible in the morning to psych myself up.


I started at 3am. Sometimes you just have to start before your brain can wake up enough to try and stop you. :wink::rofl:

It’s the best thing in the world.


Fair point. :wink: