Storming the Castle on Friday (9 Dec)

But was that for the 10 vids of your first KoS Quest, the 11 vids of your 1st anniversary quest (aka 2nd annual quest) or the 12 vids of your 2nd anniversary quest (aka 3rd annual quest)?


My first one I think I started at 4am (I have to check my old spreadsheet).

For my second I planned to start at 2:30am, but because SYSTM was down for a bit I started closer to 3am.

First this third quest I started at 3:00am. Well, actually ended up starting at 3:03am,


Yeah but you live in the desert!


Hummm… does the the sun rise differently in the desert? :thinking:


Not necessarily, but I can assure you that’s it’s hotter than it is here (and I know it’s probably not that hot. Desert doesn’t mean heat per se, etc). And I shudder to think what it’s like where @Glen.Coutts is.

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Lol. Not too bad today


*Feels like Death


High here of 56F, low of 42F today. But if you do your KOS attempt inside, it won’t matter that much - unless you’re in an uninsulated shed.

I did my first attempt in my uninsulated garage. It was right around 36-40F overnight, so I did dress in layers. :slight_smile: Mind you I did do my KOS attempts the middle of Nov when it’s cool/cold and very dry here in the desert.


Great riding weather, there Sir Glen! Just excellent if you have a fat bike and some snow. Otherwise, Blender has them in abundance.


Yep. You could have ridden out of doors and really experienced that level of fun! However, please avoid the occasional rainy day (it did rain here ALL weekend).


Looks good to me. Just remember that you must still submit your quest after it is done for the record book and so you can get your decals and access to several pages you don’t have today. (Plus other features too gruesome to mention here).


What is this “outside” thing you speak of? :thinking:



@jmckenzieKOS Probably add some lights as well this time of year.


:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1:t3: :+1:t3:
I second that motion!
Ending with Defender was and still is the really the best thing in the world :wink:

I’d pondered my chances of survival when I had Team Scream in my playlist earlier in April and decided to go a little, GvA forbid, soft, with Power Station instead.

I started at slightly past 7:00am when I did the quest back in May and ended the entire adventure slightly past 5:40pm or so. I think it’s really fine to start at 7 :slight_smile:


Those sound like words of discomfort and pain … I should probably do it then!

Plus it’s the recommendation of the oh-so-experienced knight, Sir @emacdoug.

So that change is in. The rest of the ride will remain. I’ll be thinking of you Sir @ediblehedge as I do Team Scream!

You are too kind, Sir @Glen.Coutts!

A very big THANK YOU for your pledge, Sir @CPT_A! With Defender on offer, I’ll squeeze in a few extra km for you. :mechanical_leg: :mountain_biking_man:

@rinaf, this forum and the FB group are terrific resources for getting ready. Doing slides 34-39 of the Mental Training Manual is highly recommended. I look forward to following your quest then!

My fueling and hydration will be mostly SIS Beta product. I’ve been training my gut this year to accept lots of gel, chews and high carb drink, so I’ll be like an ultra athlete, replying on “product” at the rate of 80g carb, 1000mg sodium and 1.3 Litres of fluid per hour, with a “real food” break between rides 7 & 8.

I tested my sodium uptake and sweat loss rate some time back. I rank high on sweating and moderate on salt (850mg/hr). I’m upping the salt a bit as insurance against cramping. I’ll cool the room to 24C (75F) and use a big fan, with kit changes every 2 rides … because I can.

I was up at 4:45 this morning for a Wahoo coaching call. I’m at GMT+8 timezone. Some friends talked me into doing a 70.3 Ironman in November 2023. Never done anything like it before. I’m great on the bike, a good swimmer and haven’t run in years, so lots to learn. My running training will (gently) start right away, next Monday the 12th, under the coach’s guidance. Prepping for this KOS has unleashed my inner warrior!


Aww man, now i feel bad. What i meant was that i donated to WBR for MY KoS on 11/4 - $1 per mile.

But I will send them my $20 this month in your honor, @RitzMan. Don’t let us down. :wink:


For my exceptional sustained weakness, ending a quest on Defender would be worse than starting a quest with HHNF :face_vomiting:. Honestly, I’d rather end it with Violator.

In any case, quests are so personal and it sounds like you’ve got it all nailed down @RitzMan, I am sure you will

Today’s forecast for my AWW UCI Road Race:


@Glen.Coutts Keep the windows open and you will definitely PR!


@RitzMan It sounds like you’ve got a good plan. Can’t wait for your big day! Is it tomorrow for you, already?

Wow, I’m honored! A quest is very personal, and you’ve got plenty of suffering on offer to more than make yourself proud (that’s way more important than making any of us proud, just so you know). I ended my first quest with Defender (well, technically…). It’s long been one of my favorites (tho probably not as long as it’s been @Glen.Coutts bane). I’d say you can’t go wrong with Defender, but really, it could all go horribly horribly wrong. :wink: :rofl:

Looking forward to seeing you crush this! :muscle: :crossed_swords:


I seem to recall the Attacker/Defender combo in the ToS a couple years ago was @#$% awful. And not in a good, Sufferlandrian way.

+1 w Sir @Glen.Coutts on this one.