Strange place for this question!

I’m really not getting value for my subscription over the summer months so am considering dropping it until winter strikes …

However, I’d still like to use the turbo for the occasional rainy day workout … is there an alternate free way to create workouts to use on the Kickr that anyone recommends?

Training peaks to create a workout a add sync the workout to a head unit, I use an ELMNT Bolt, and use that to control your smart trainer.

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I’m not really familiar with Training Peaks as I use Intervals.ICU for my training plan and statistics.

Do you need to pay for the subscription to use this functionality?

Any other recommendations anyone?

I use for getting workouts on my Bolt.

  • In select your workout, choose Download → MRC.
  • Plug your Bolt into your PC, then browse to the plans folder.
  • Copy the downloaded .MRC file into that folder.
  • On your Bolt go to Settings, Planned Workouts, then sync.
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The drag and drop workout builder in TrainingPeaks is free to use. It’s been recommended by loads of users on here as a way to take SYSTM workouts outdoors.

@oggie41 When you say you can download a workout file from do you mean a previous workout you’ve done on SYSTM or is there a workout builder?

There’s a workout builder on there.


@oggie41, @JGreengrass if I can cross-post here also, you could pre-seed your with every sessions you fancied being able to use also, or even just every SYSTM session if you felt so inclined.

Here’s a route for moving your planned SYSTM sessions into in advance (requires some technical competency, but not much): Systm workouts on RGT (workaround) - #21 by FurryGorilla


Thanks for the replies, interesting and not what I expected. I presumed the solution would be another app that I’m not aware of where I can build sessions and control the kickr from, does this exist?

I have a garmin gps unit and hadn’t considered sending workouts to this. Will it be able to control the Wahoo Kickr and how is the user interface, can I see what power is coming up and when etc.

Yes. Just set the Mode to indoor ride and your Garmin will control the trainer.

I realize I’m not answering your specific question about alternative ways of running workouts on your trainer, but I find that the yoga and strength sessions alone provide enough value for me to keep my subscription going through the summer. I may not use the bike workouts as much over summer, but I do use the strength and yoga regularly.