Training Peaks vs vs Xert

Currently, I am subscribing to Intervals and Xert for analysis purposes. Xert does offer workouts, but I rarely ride them. I am in the process of evaluating my current subscriptions and possibly replacing some or all of them. Training Peaks appears to a possible solution as a one stop replacement for Xert and Intervals. One plus I see for Training Peaks is the ability to send workouts to my ELEMNT Bolt.

For those who use or have used these apps, I would interested in your comments. Particularly, I am interested in analysis differences between Training Peaks and Intervals.

@dmgadry61 What workouts are you sending to your Bolt? SYSTM workouts should show up there automatically. If you want to build your own workouts and then send them to the Bolt you can do that in TrainingPeaks. I know that has a workout builder but I haven’t used it.

I have used both TP and They are very similar. I like better and actually cancelled my TP subscription. I find that David at is very responsive to customer needs and has really pushed along the platform to such an extent that TP has had to react at times. TP had been stale for a period of time but lately had been busy adding some additional features.

I have never used XERT so can’t help you there but my understanding is that it seems to replicate what SYSTM does to some extent but SYSTM relies on 4DP whereas XERT has some sort of algorithm that selects workouts.

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I have used Xert and, but in the end stopped using them. I never found the analytics to be particularly helpful in organizing my training or predicting my performance. The workouts in Xert are inferior to those in SYSTM.

TP is not similar to Xert or It is a training diary, the real analytics are in WKO which is an entirely different product. As I replied to you in another post:

I think you need to be more specific about what exactly analysis means to you, and what you are really seeking from an app or subscription.