Creating a more focused Strength so so frustrated

I’m running into confusion with Systm’s strength plans, and utter frustration at the lack of any meaningful and useful documentation. This same underlying question goes for Yoga too.

I really like that there are now focused sessions available for things like upper/lower/full body, core, ‘dynamic’, posterior chain, etc. However there aren’t any plans to pick that focus on a given area or pair of areas (e.g., a Core, Posterior, and Lower Body plan), so I need to substitute videos here and there. Cool. Should be easy to figure out, right?

Nope. There isn’t any documentation to correlate Video Session X with Level Y, nor any explanation about the relative difficulties of Levels 1-5+. There’s the interactive tool (on the website, not the app, which is just…ughhhhh bad UX) to tell you which level to pick, but that doesn’t map cleanly with Video X for all Strength focus areas (e.g. Full Body goes to 20, Level goes to 5; Lower body goes to 5, others go to 8, etc), nor does it explain…anything other than telling you a level to try.

So, questions: A) which videos for a focus area correspond with which Level; B) what experience level is each Level targeting (please dont just link the interactive tool, it’s not at all the answer); C) When substituting sessions in the Strength plan to roll your own focused plan, what do the coaches suggest doing??