Strength Training Level

Strength training level question:
I just completed a season prep with strength training level 1. Should I move up to level 2 for race prep or stick with level 1 again?


How easy did you find the strength workouts at the end of the plan?

I did Strength 1 before in the 12week plan I did before Christmas, which was fine and added Strength 2 to my next 12wk plan at the beginning of this year. At the end of that 12 week plan I was finding some of the core work challenging (not able to complete all the reps in good form) so I kept at level 2 for the next 12 weeks. If you go for level 2 and its too hard you can always delete the plan from your calendar and add it again with level 1 strength with the same finish date as your original plan.


If you were able to complete 90% of the full duration for most moves in all strength sessions in the final few weeks of your plan then moving up to Level 2 would be okay.

If you found you were struggling to complete more than 50% of the duration for most moves in the final few weeks of your plan then you should consider completing level 1 again, especially if you have a target event at the end of your plan and/or you still feel like your on-bike performance is being negatively impacted by the soreness from the strength sessions.

Really Levels 1-5 are designed as a continuous 60-week progression that’s broken up into shorter blocks so you can go from 2:1 to 3:1 or non-event to event-prep plans while keeping the strength progression constant.