Strength workouts within a training plan

I have just re-started a new TT training plan (3:1)and included intermediate strength as well. I have noticed that the 2 strength workouts a week seem all over the place. For example I go from full body 9 and 10 then back down to one and two, then for core focus there is a lot of basic level stuff and it seems all up and down. Surely if you set intermediate level then you shouldn’t see any basic stuff even on easy weeks??? There are also days where there is only strength, presumably a rest kind of day but when I did the 12 week all purpose plan there were no days as far as I remember that had only strength workouts and no complete days off. If you don’t do the strength workouts in a plan such as this are these rest (no workout)days then?

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@ozmadman What you describe has been my experience. Some of those strength workouts - especially the full body and the higher level core workouts can be a bit more challenging- especially single leg stuff - so I don’t mind the mix and my guess is that on the lighter days you are probably getting a bit more work for connective tissue and smaller muscle groups may be more engaged plus it is a chance to work on form.

If you feel you didn’t get enough just add 100 burpees and you will be all set :grinning:


As a dad of three, I thought this meant something very different… :joy: