Running with SYSTM

Unfortunately it seems running is either an afterthought or not a key pillar of Wahoo’s offering…

Tried a run today as part of a custom plan (more on that later) and it would neither start nor record activity, it just froze and I simply had to ‘mark complete’ which coupled with the fact you’re expected to write the activity down and effectively complete offline isn’t ideal.

Secondly the fact I’ve had to create a plan is frustrating enough as running is not included in any of the structured plans - yet swimming is?

If Wahoo are aiming at cyclists and triathletes, why not ‘duatheletes’ as well (I’m not saying I am one by the way).

In fairness I know they’ve stated that running is a work in progress on the platform, but I wish they were doing more with it already as it is a key part of my training.

Other than that, faultless :wink:

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Which workout?

Easy 3 mile (30mins)

From what I know the only workouts which you can “start” are the ones which have a power profile (The sufferfest and novid workouts in the filter).But all the other workouts do have a “start workout” button. Which is indeed strange, since it has no function. If I press this button on my android device the app freezes and I have to close it. And on my iOS device it just doesn’t do anything at all.

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To follow on from @Tmi, I don’t believe any workout without a profile will “play”.

If a play button exists for such a (non)workout, I’d consider this a bug and could be reported to the minions as such (or, the minions know and are working on a workout profile for it).

Hang tight – we’re working hard on running. It will be awhile before we’ve got workouts you can push to things like your RIVAL watch, but in the meantime we’ve recently added a bunch of new Yoga for Runners sessions and just TODAY released a new series of Strength Training for Runners: 🚀🚀🚀 NEW: Strength Training for Runners! 🚀🚀🚀


I cut away from TrainnerRoad and TrainingPeaks. Fully enjoying the Yoga and Strength for Runners- Thank you for your efforts!


+1. Running remains an afterthought, which is a strange oversight or blind spot. I realize that cycling is a big part of Systm’s DNA, but for now there still are no training programs specifically for runners. Even the mental training program assumes the athlete is cycling. I’d like to keep using the platform, but it’s difficult to see running as a valued activity here.


I would like to do some of the inspiration videos during my treadmill runs. My treadmill is in the same room as my Kickr. Will I have to disconnect the Kickr from Systm to make it work? With the latest update Systm senses when I start pedaling without me having to turn the video to “play”. If I’m not pedaling will it turn the video off? Also, I would really like it if we had more running videos and also to be able to tell Systm that we are using the video for a run instead of a bike.

If you switch off autopause and hit play you should be good to go!