SUF Beta Testers... Who wants to come play in the flogging pit?

Ahoy, Sufferlandrian…

Does this sound like you?

  • You use The Sufferfest app at least twice a week
  • You want to help make The Sufferfest app better
  • You have the desire and interest to help The Sufferfest team troubleshoot issues and bugs
  • You want early access to features and input on feature requests
  • You wouldn’t mind a cheeky discount on your monthly or yearly subscription
  • You’re willing to sign and adhere to a non-disclosure agreement so that GvA can show you some cool stuff and sleep well knowing it won’t end up in the hands of Couchlandria

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these questions, then you might have what it takes to join our group of beta testers in The Flogging Pit.

To get started, fill out this survey:


Standby… I need to get the permissions changed on the form.


@Cody.Moore happy to help! Let us know once the form is working.


Sorry, I’m prevented from saying if this sounds like me by an NDA :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sounds awesome. Let us know when it’s live to sign up.

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Following. :grin:

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I’m also interested in supporting this project. As a KoS, it is my duty and my privilege to serve Sufferlandria. :sunglasses:

Standing by for confirmation that the form is ready, Sir @Cody.Moore.


Is there a better chance of being chosen if I don’t point out that the form is unlocked now…?


The form is up and running now everyone! Sorry for the early troubles… I could claim that it was all a test though… :thinking:


Sir @Cody.Moore, if we’ve already filled it out before your last message, should we do so again?


@Cody.Moore I used to use the beta test and did power match. It worked well for me (except the issue that caused it to break level mode!). Is power match still running in the beta apps? I’d be willing to give this a shot and hopefully nothing breaks. Last time I needed my name to be removed from the beta list :slight_smile:

If you could just confirm those couple of things for me that’d be great!

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Hey @Ross, Power Match was taken out of the app.

OK, I’ve just filled the form out👍


I am in as well :wink:


So the Beta testers are being asked to beta test the form? Is that the first test?



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This is great news!

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Beta Testing sounds fun and who doesn’t like new features, but… how many times will it hinder proper suffering?

Did anybody here consider this? I don’t want to be the one who has to restart 9H for the Xth time only because my new cool feature is a bit buggy. :slight_smile:

Just a small fear that popped into my mind.

Testing features outside of the actual workout seems fine (calendar, layouts, etc.), but the rest sounds tricky.

Any experienced testers here that can give a bit of feedback on this?


You’d really need feedback from the SUF team as to what sort of things they expect to be testing and where it may take effect, but…

I worked at a software developer for a lot of years and have beta tested other sports products and my guidance would be:

Reasons to participate in beta testing:

  • You get to see new features early
  • You get to play an active part in helping the company make a better product for all of us
  • Er, the benefits they have offered for people participating

Things to consider as part of beta testing:

  • You need to pay more attention to the app and your use of it
  • When you get unexpected behaviour, you need to take note of it, when it happened, what was different to normal, what you may have been able to do to fix it and you need to report that back
  • If you’re not prepared to actively communicate back to the team regarding the behaviours of the software, then don’t participate because you’re taking up a space and just getting to see “cool new stuff” isn’t the point, you’re supposed to be providing feedback

Reasons not to participate in beta testing:

  • You’re actively training for something important and your training is more important than some additional future features. Yes, there is the possibility you get an update that breaks training sessions. If you can’t afford a potentially messed up schedule, don’t
  • You only use the app occasionally and you may not even use it in one of the windows they want a feature tested.
  • You don’t want to have to actively report information back

Participating in testing is cool, you get to see some new things early, you get to help out, you get to feel part of the team, but it can also affect the stability of the product, there will rarely be truly ground-breaking features added, anything that is worth adding will come to the end-users once it’s stable anyway.
If you’re in a training plan you want to stick to without any worry or interruption, you’re not sure you’ll be using it very much or you don’t really fancy having to report incidents in detail and potentially respond to further questions, then there are almost certainly enough users who aren’t in a 100% committed plan, are going to use it regularly and will report their issues that you don’t need to worry and you will see the benefits of the good additions once they are stable anyway.

Participate if: You can cope with an occasionally broken session, will use the app regularly and will communicate
Don’t participate if: A broken session actually matters to you currently, you don’t use the app that often or you just want to see cool things but not respond to the developer


Sometimes the opposite is the case, like when we had to repeatedly test Full Frontal while the coaches tweaked things. Proper Suffering… of the fun but not necessarily recommended kind.