This week’s De Branantse Pijl coverage brought back flashbacks to a famous Sufferfest video.

Who can name it based on these pictures:

First correct answer gets to go directly to A Very Dark Place.

Incorrect answers result in a mandatory Full Frontal… :dizzy_face:

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The Best Thing In The World?!

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A Very Dark Place :wink:

Close, @aerobrain, but not quite. I am pretty sure that you have recently done this workout.

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Hmmm then I think I know which one, but I’ll not cheat with a second guess :slight_smile:

I initially thought Butter but the penguin waddling past the town hall gave it away. It’s Full Frontal. And we see what you did there Sir Erik :sunglasses:


Congrats to Sir @JamesT ! Winner of a pie eating contest whose prize is more pie!

It took me until this week to realize that while the 20 min effort in FF is from De Ronde, the precursor (and the 1 min test) is from De Brabantse Pijl.

Who has the next quiz?

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evil laugh and an hour’s worth of suffering for the winner :grin:


Old version of Local Hero? I’m about to hop on the trainer for the next hour so right or wrong, I have an hour of Suffering ahead.

close, but no cigar - a lot of suffering guaranteed nonetheless, you’re absolutely correct

I have seen that. But cannot remember exactly where. Argh :persevere:. The Hunted?

I’d actually been watching this one earlier in the day but didn’t want to jump straight in with the answer and be accused of being the castle swot :nerd_face:

Downward Spiral. The one that came before. Also the first Sufferfest video I bought!

Next… :grin:

Oh, and here’s the message that came with that first download. Little did they know where it would lead…


two answers:
no, it’s not Downward Spiral
yes, it’s the first Sufferfest video I bought - Angels in my case, but this was part of the intro of the downloaded videos at the time. long time ago, just wanted to see if any of us old Sufferlandrians would come up with a correct solution :wink:

@JamesT Awesome - really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing!

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@IsiSchneider_KoS now just hold on a minute there! Multiple correct answers I guess.


exactly :+1:

Could have been. But you picked a later video. That’s OK :+1: :wink:

Factoid for the App new school that have never seen the old school: Downward Spiral was the first “official” The Sufferfest video.

And a question… what was the name of the video/videos that preceded Downward Spiral?

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Original blender?

Original Fight Club?