SUF improvement ideas

The app is great and I really enjoy it but improvement is the key to greatness, I do not find a place where to put ideas to improve the SUF application. If there a such place please advise. If not, we can start here:

  1. Add cadence helper - rotating arrow, like in Element Of Style that rotates at the required cadence. It is not complicated to program such thing but definitely will help especially on low cadence.
  2. In the description:
    a. Add what to do when feeling bad or feel great. Not to look every time in the article of SUF “HOW to Get the most of your Workout”
    b. Put TSS and IF when workout should be done at 100% - otherwise need to go to the workout to check.
    c. Where it is possible – show the alternative workout.

Thanks for the ideas, Mike. We’ll make sure to look as these as we work to make SUF even better. I’m particularly fond of having Alternative Workouts clearly listed and it’s something we’re trying to integrate.


Here’s my completely selfish pie in the sky idea, presented with zero regard for feasibility or the workload involved :slight_smile:

What if TSS and 4DP had a baby, and we could see a score based on how each workout impacted each of the 4 metrics. Each week you could have cumulative targets for each area based on weakness/focus and mix and match workouts to suit. Taking the idea further, there could be metrics for cadence zones and repeatability. Include outdoor workouts and you’re pretty much able to have a virtual coach, day by day recommending the optimal workout(s).

As great as the training plans are (and they’re brilliant), life does get in the way sometimes, whether it’s business trips, family, or just the opportunity for a great ride with friends taking priority over a turbo session. Something like the above would give total flexibility without sacrificing training.


I’d prefer an audio beep for cadence rather than a visual sign. The other advantage is that they already have on/off for audio & a metronomic beep is easy to program.

I already sometimes run a windows metronome application designed for music on low cadence videos. Might be possible on phone/tablet but I haven’t checked.

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