Swim goggles?

I just bought a gym membership, but haven’t done much swimming since I was a kid. So a long, long, loooonnnggg…. time ago.

I need some recommendations for swimming goggles and I’m almost totally clueless on that. I’d prefer ones that don’t need to be clamped around my eyes like vise (mole?) grips to prevent leaking. But I’ve never owned a good pair either.

I’m afraid that’s a YMMV one.
I’ve found things like TYR Blackhawk and TYR Tracer work well for me, but the bigger goggles with non-adjustable nosepieces don’t work well - I have a really narrow nose bridge and fairly deep set eyes. They mark a bit, but I do like the goggles one step short of headache inducing.
If the reverse is you, things like Speedo Futura/TYR Special Ops are good (and they have nice soft seals that don’t mark you).

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I use Xterra goggles and have had no problems with the 3 pairs I’ve owned.

I switched from speedo to tyr a few years ago and probably won’t go back, for standard pool goggles

I’m a big fan of Aqua Sphere. I have deep-set eyes and a high nose, so Speedo googles always cut me. Aqua Spheres give me a great seal and are very comfortable.

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Zoggs Predator are pricey, but nice. If you can find some on offer they’re worth considering. Otherwise if you’ve got a Decathlon near you their more high-end models are decent and reasonable VFM.

One other thing:

Clamping them down hard can sometimes actually cause leaking! You pull them too tight, and the inside edges pull away from your nose.

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:+1: for Aqua sphere kayenne - got the polarised ones for outdoor and the normal ones for pool - going cheap on wiggle at the moment too!

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My all time favorite are Roka goggles. I really the F2’s because of the flexible nose bridge. I usually buy a pair of the dark grey mirrored for outdoor use and use the light amber for indoor swimming. Right now they are on sale for $16 USD


Definite fan of the magic 5 - I thought that the custom smartphone fitting was a gimmick (and they seem quite gimmicky) but the fit is amazing.

I suggest looking at Roka, Zoggs or Aquasphere. Personally I find Tyr and Speedo to be very uncomfortable. The feeling that your eyeballs might get sucked out is super distracting.
They’ll last about 4-6 months depending on chlorine levels and how well you rinse them after use, so when you find one you like, keep your next unopened pair in your swim bag.

Helpful tip: when they start fogging up on you, Johnson’s baby shampoo (or similar generic) is a better anti-fog solution than any swim-branded stuff I’ve tried. I repurposed my lens anti-fog solution spray bottle with diluted baby shampoo and spray it in, then rinse really well.


Once upon a time in the land of age groupers, I strictly used Aqua sphere kayenne goggles on the course and for practice (two different sets, the racing set would stay in the case.) Anything from Speedo would crush my eye sockets and give me black eyes after long sessions in the pool (2+ hours) - I have a nose bridge that is more or less like yours (looked at your profile pic.) Tinted lenses are a must my friend! Once you turn into the sun in that morning race you’ll wish you had them.

I also found that the Speedo stuff just didn’t last, period! Honestly I have a set of Aqua Spheres that are still going after all these years (though I haven’t raced in eons.)

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