Swim Workout - "Descending 75's"

I have a question about Swim Workout - “Descending 75’s”.
Main Effort:
10 x 75m @ 1:30
8 x 75m @ 1:25
6 x 75m @ 1:20
4 x 75m @ 1:15
2 x 75m @ 1:10
I don’t understand why exact swim times are indicated and not RPE?

I believe it‘s because of two things:

Using the Pace Clock:

Using the Pace Clock: Most pools and aquatic centers will have a pace clock. There are two types of pace clocks: digital and analog. When you start an interval, make sure to watch the clock and begin on an even number to make it easier to keep track of your times and rest periods. Most swimmers and triathletes use the “top” (00) or the “bottom” (:30) as typical starting points. For example; if you start an interval when the clock says 5:00 and you swim 100m, look at the clock as soon as you finish the 100m and take your prescribed rest period from that time. If you finish at 6:40 and your rest period is supposed to be 20 seconds, you’ll take off on the next interval at 7:00. So when you hear people say they swim their 100’s on a 2:00 interval, that is the total of their swim time plus recovery period for that distance.


Test and map your data:

It‘s important to do the 1-week tri prep plan first or at least do the swim and run tests to get the terminology and needed zones.

Did you fill out your individual mapping sheet?

but my best time for 75m is 1:20! So how am I supposed to swim such intervals?

Ah, gotcha.

I believe this is an oversight in the description of Descending 75’s. When I‘m faced with this workout I‘m going up one zone (and RPE level) according to the sheet I posted.

After all, it‘s a steadily increasing effort we‘re supposed to do.

Start in Z1 and see how it goes:
Main Effort:
10 x 75m @ Z1, RPE < 2
8 x 75m @ Z2, RPE 3 - 4
6 x 75m @ Z3, RPE 5 - 6
4 x 75m @ Z4a, RPE 6.5 - 7
2 x 75m @ Z4b, RPE 7.5 - 8

Now I understand and that’s what I meant! Thanks for explaining it to me Pierre (despite my poor English)
Best regards and have a nice day. :wink:

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Your english is great!

Sometimes I should concentrate on the question a bit more. :wink:

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