Feature Request: Add NON-SYSTM items to CALENDAR

Please consider allowing ADDITIONS TO CALENDAR of whatever workouts etc a user may want to add. When I do outdoor rides or any other workouts, I would LIKE to be able to SEE THOSE when I look at the SYSTM Calendar, even if they were not SYSTM ANYTHING. I just would like the convenience of seeing whatever I did over any time period that does not require me to look at another app or calendar and go back and forth to see the various activities.
The SYSTM CALENDAR is really quite limited in value without being able to see anything except whatever workouts were part of a plan OR had to be placed BEFORE the day of the event.
I’m very free-spirited as to what I do on what day, generally NOT very planned, and definitely not big on Training Plans. That may change SLIGHTLY, but I’ll never be very restricted to a plan. I ride for enjoyment as much as fitness, and the fitness generally takes care of itself.
But if the SYSTM Calendar is to have any real usefulness, I need to be able to SEE THE BIG PICTURE of a span of time.
If I cannot add a ride I did yesterday that was different from what the HF FF week plan had for me, the Calendar is of little value. It is possible to move events that WERE scheduled (but I am not likely to do those on another day, at least by plan) but one cannot add yesterday’s ride after the fact because the Calendar only wants items added in advance. WHY?
I’m pretty baffled as to why the Calendar is so limited in functionality. I know it isn’t intended to be my LIFE Calendar with all sorts of other “events” on it, but it should at least be able to show my FITNESS EVENTS, shouldn’t it? Without some flexibility, the Calendar, at least to me, is of nearly no value at all.
I really think this would add MUCH more usefulness to the Calendar, and thus to SYSTM itself.


Almost EVERYTHING syncs with Strava, so I usually use that for what you are describing. SYSTM will send everything there, most other things like Garmin, Fitbit, etc. You can even manually add any other activities.

No need to jump back and forth to see various activities, if you want to see the big picture over a time period Strava is great for that!


Maybe I need to consider changing my methods, but as I said, I’m not much of a planned training guy, so this week is the first actual time I’ve even PLANNED and PARTLY followed through with a plan on SYSTM, and I never do on Strava. I planned to do the HF and FF Test Week, added to my Calendar, then, quite typically, ignored it for a couple reasons. Mostly because I had some severe low back pain after doing too much backpack blower work on leaves for a couple days, and some mechanical work on my mower, after I was already hurting. I took a day off, rode the next, then 2 days more off because I was so debilitated. Got things under control enough that the next day was feeling better, did my Foundation Training Original 12 minutes workout with Dr. Eric Goodman and felt even better. Decided to see how I felt on the KICKR Bike.
Felt quite good, so I decided on a whim to just do the Half Monty Ramp Test that was on the calendar for the day, since I’d had 2 days off and more non-bike days the last week (while I beat up my back.) :rofl:
Actually did well, came up 19 points on my FTP, an increase which I’d hoped for, since I’m on the mend over many weeks from pleurisy and pneumonia.
I’m not sure Strava would work for me in terms of not only seeing the past but also the planned?? Unless it also syncs plans from SYSTM? But I sure would rather have all of this in just one place.
I will admit, though, that there is one other feature SYSTM lacks (at least on my PC computer) and that is a scroll bar. The ONLY way I see to move up and down on ALL the SYSTM screens is by using my mouse scroll wheel. There is NO scroll bar?! That’s very tedious. I might have to add another feature request?!