Sync SYSTM plan to third party calendar

Is it possible to sync the SYSTEM calendar which contains my training plan to an iCloud or Google calendar?

I want to see my planned workouts in the same view as all my other plans in life, not in an isolated view in the SYSTEM app. Is this possible?



Google is not an option under 3rd party apps so I dare say by default it’s not possible to sync. I would love calendar sync feature too.

Wahooligans have found weird and wonderful workarounds for various other limitations so I hope someone else has good news for us. Wishful thinking… :slight_smile:

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I’d love this feature as well! I think there is another thread going about this and the answer was that there are not plans to buld this in.

I would also love the ability to sync my SYSTM training calendar with iCloud or Google Cal. As it stands now, the plan lives in isolation within the SYSTM app which makes it tough to view alongside my broader schedule.

Having my planned workouts automatically appear in my main calendar would be extremely helpful for scheduling other activities around training sessions. And it would give me better visibility into my upcoming fitness routines outside just the SYSTM ecosystem.

A “2024 calendar printable with holidays” is essentially a downloadable and printable version of the 2024 calendar. People often look for such printables to keep track of dates, mark important events, or for planning purposes. These calendars can be found on various websites in different styles and formats, such as monthly or yearly views. Depending on the source, they might include public holidays, moon phases, or space for jotting down notes. They’re a handy tool for those who prefer a physical calendar over a digital one and can be printed out to be placed on walls, desks, or planners.

Ideally there would be an option when setting up a training plan to enable syncing the plan calendar to external services like iCloud, Google, Office 365, etc. That way it could integrate seamlessly into whatever calendar system the user already relies on. Syncing workout plans to third party calendars seems like an obvious enhancement that would really improve the experience of using SYSTM. Hopefully it’s on the radar!


SYNC would be ideal but at least an export option to upload in my calender.

@Kyle_Schiissler @jessencan I seem to recall the option to populate workouts to TrainingPeaks via the support team but that might have been during the Sufferfest days so I am not sure if it still exists.

TrainingPeaks does have the ability to connect to Google Calendar.

Alternatively there are still some older plans in TrainingPeaks that may be similar to the plans you are using. Note that they were made before the Inspiration, ProRides, On Location, AWW and newest Sufferfest videos but might be somewhat helpful. I ended up creating a library of SYSTM workouts in TrainingPeaks that I could easily drag right on to the TP calendar using past workouts that had been uploaded to TP.


Not to bring up an old topic, but there used to be a spot to pull up your calendar online, without having the application downloaded. I sit here on a slow Friday, struggling to remember what my SUFF (it will always be suff to me, sorry Wahoo) weekend workouts are. Is anyone able to refresh my memory on where that is, or do I need to email the minions again for a TP export?

Do you mean

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Thank you sir @emacdoug and @jcolp. I’ll call it a senior moment and proceed to the flogging stations.

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This thread makes me want to cry. It’s been one of the most requested features for years and still no progress on it. For me, the ability to sync my plan TSS/IF to Training Peaks would be great so I can see the impact the upcoming training is likely to have on me. I’m old, so rest/recovery is even more important to me.

Don’t get me started on the useless buttons on the kickr bike. apart from incline adjustments, the rest of the buttons do nothing in Wahoo System. They even do something in Zwift, but not the native platform.

I’d love to be able to adjust the overall % if I start out the ride and can’t get into the right zones. Adding a few % points on the fly, or dropping it down if I’m suffering too much would be a great help. I can’t reach over to the keyboard and doing when I’m riding.



I’m going to bring up something that is way in the past but hear me out. All of the training plans since Wahoo acquired The Sufferfest are considered IP. It’s what sets Wahoo apart from the rest. Even getting to the old Sufferfest training plans isn’t easy on any training platform. So to as Wahoo to allow you to bypass their protection on an at-will basis might be like asking for the moon to come to Earth. It isn’t and shouldn’t happen. Be glad we can manually create entries on a case-by-case basis and not be restricted from doing so. If Wahoo decides to change this in the future, it would be welcome, but I never expect them to allow the proprietary algorithm that matches workouts to the six rider types to be made public or to be posted to platforms outside of Wahoo control.

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Agree this would be really useful.

When you signed up for a coach in the sufferfest days your plan was in TrainingPeaks.

Wahoo not making this possible are missing out on what’s called the platform effect with digital / software vendors.

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