SYSTM Activity History

Is it just me, or does the link to my SYSTM activity history only open on mobile web browsers? Cannot open on my laptop, whether Firefox, Brave, or Micosoft Edge. Why?

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Not sure why but once you click the link on a desktop browser and it opens as a text file in your browser, you can “save as…” but chose “page source” as the option and save it wherever you like. Once that’s done it will be a proper csv file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program like excel or numbers. This is what the dialogue box looks like in Safari on a MacBook

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I can open it from the app on a Windows laptop, and the app on an iPhone.

FYI, I’m pretty sure Sir @mserge is talking about the activity history that is emailed to you from the Profile page, not the activity history that is visible in app.

That is correct.

If it was My Profile → About You → Request History then it worked for me. Windows 10, Firefox.
I got “Request emailed” (or similar) notification in web app, then I got the email itself. There was a link to .csv file that I could save (default action after clicking a link).
Notice that .csv is a text file, check your system file associations (and/or email client settings) if some app opens it automatically.