Training History

Hi, since Systm is active my “old” trainingsessions are put in the calender, but how kan I find a specifically a training I want to see. I want to compare this sessions. But now I can’t find them anymore. In the old app this was easy.

Other than the calendar or if you export them to another service (like Strava or Garmin Connect, etc) this is not currently available in the SYSTM app. It is on the roadmap for a new feature in the very near future, tho. I don’t know their ETA.

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@emacdoug is correct, we are working hard to get the completed workouts in there ASAP.


I’m missing my old training sessions too! Now i do not know which sessions are good for my profile anymore.
The link with my activity data file i received is a .csv file. When I open it, I only see a cluttered list of data.

What are you expecting to see from a .csv file?

It isn’t really meant to be opened and viewed or read but rather imported into another program designed to interpret such a file.