SYSTM elevator pitch to a cycling coach

I’ve been chatting to an ex semi pro cyclist recently who does some coaching. He’s spent most of his cycling riding to RPE and Heart Rate.

He’s never done an FTP himself. I’d quite like to work with him (I’m just an enthusiatic amateur) and stay using Wahoo SYSTM sessions.

He’s used Trainerroad before and am sure he’s more than aware of sessions such as over unders, sweetspot blocks and 40/20 intervals but he’ll never have heard of The Chores, Nine Hammers or Team Scream

What’s the elevator pitch to sell Wahoo SYSTM to coaches that have never seen it


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2 week free trial?

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SYSTM/Sufferfest is a training package that allows automated (or manual) creation of training plans which guide a user through personally targeted exercise sessions while ensuring sufficient variability, stress and recovery in training.
The sessions are also available for use individually.
Training is aimed to be tough, but effective, with a good sense of dark humour to keep users engaged.


Keep it simple: “I love it and would like to incorporate SYSTM into my training”. If he doesn’t respect that, find another coach.

Personally if I don’t enjoy my training I won’t be consistent with it. So I need apps and plans that help keep me motivated.


I am not a coach or any more than an amateur, either (cycling isn’t even my primary sport), but:

My first thought would be to let him give session ideas and translate those yourself to suitable SYSTM sessions. I had considered that if he is not familiar with SYSTM he may be reluctant to try new things that don’t fit his own training ideals.

Alternatively, I would present SYSTM as a training platform with entertaining training, backed by science and methods from established sports scientists with a winning history of coaching top athletes to gold medals and world records, plus you like it (and that is good for motivation).

And suggest the trial, like Sir @Glen.Coutts wrote. This is a good suggestion, imo, because if the coach believes the system then he will be more likely to recommend and use it.

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Who has not done any FTP testing? That ages him. It’s like navigating with a sextant. It still works, but it’s missing accuracy and efficiency.

Totally agree with Sir @Glen.Coutts though, a two week trial with a Full Frontal at the end will do this coach good - He will either be convinced or run away in fear.

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After reading @Sir_Brian_M’s response, I’d :100: go with that. Plus a free trial cuz if he likes RPE he can do that too. He’ll probably fall in love with the Sufferfest stuff as have we all.

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