Systm v companion app

I have had to replace my bolt and want to set up HR zones in the companion app. I have values obtained from the FF and am familiar with the different zones, but the companion app for the bolt uses completely different terminology. Peak, hard, cardio, fat burn or easy. How can I transfer the values over?

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Yeah the terminology is different, but there are still just x5 zones - I just set the Z1 - Z5 to the same numbers as my athlete profile #'s from Systm. Though I’m sure coaches could weigh-in about indoor v. outdoor…

so z1 is easy z2 endurance z3 tempo and z4 threshold?

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I appreciate indoor and outdoor is different, and things like heart rate drift play a bigger factor outdoors, I am more interested in getting a HR yardstick, than using precise values for exact workouts

That’s how I have it, yes.

 Z1 Recovery/"Easy"
 Z2 Endurance/"Fat Burn"
 Z3 Tempo/"Cardio"
 Z4 Threshold/"Hard"
 Z5 Max/"Peak"

…and in my intervals/icu tracking, I set that up for x5 zones as well, since it gives you the option of how many zones you want to track. I think Strava offers the same, though I’m off that now.

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I have lots of gaps now because in the companion app I can only set the lower values for each zones fat burn is showing 98-114, cardio 120-125, hard 131-136

That…shouldn’t be? Yes, you can only set the lower value for each zone in the companion app, but if you match the low value for each zone, with the correct max HR, it should be the same?

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