What would you do?

Curious how other people would play this out. I live in Minnesota. It has been just brutally cold the last couple weeks, plus I was on call last weekend, so I haven’t ridden outside in almost 2 weeks. I’m happy riding into single digits Fahrenheit, and have two studded winter bikes.

I started the TOS as early as I could (Saturday), doing it at 100%. I figured this way I could maybe build in a rest day if needed. Now it is looking like next weekend will be super nice here, in the 20’s F (perfect for winter riding). So, I could 1) finish the TOS on Friday and plan to ride outside both days on the weekend, but I will be cooked, I know it. Or I could 2) take a rest day on Thursday (when I am on call anyway) after Norway on Wednesday (when I know I will be shattered) and finish up on Saturday. Or I could 3) take a rest day before Norway, so that I could really hammer it. So, finish the TOS early Saturday am, hike with the dogs Saturday afternoon for recovery, and get in a long outdoor ride Sunday.


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You are asking for personal opinions, so here is mine.

For ToS, finish it on Friday(no rest days) only if your body allows for it.
Take a rest day if you need it, do not schedule it.

For the weekend, I would say to take it easy and not go for a long ride.
If you want to go for some easy rides, hikes or walks, go for them, but do not push it.

The important thing is to listen to your body :wink:
If you feel exhausted after finishing the tour, do not go outside just because it’s gonna be sunny.
There are going to be a lot more sunny days in the future.
It’s a pity to get injured because of over-training.

Have fun with the rest of the tour :slightly_smiling_face:


Which is more important to you, riding the Tour or riding outside?

If you had to choose which would make you happier, or fit in with your long range plans, would you choose the Tour or riding outside?

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Well, I ride inside so I can ride better outside. But I have done most of the TOS’s, including the very first one, so it has a place in my heart. I’m thinking “no outdoor riding Saturday, whether I finish Friday or Saturday, and then a long outdoor ride on Sunday”. Split the difference.


I second lapings words. I’m fairly close to you (relatively!) as Manitoba had also been brutally cold.
I’ll add that winter adds a whole extra slant to the brutal TOS in that your immune system is weakened but also has to also contend with very dry winter air, indoor heating that’s even drier, seasonal colds and now of course potential covid exposure. It is extra imperative to listen to your body with all these circumstances. I hope you take it easy on yourself after finishing the tour and like others say, take the rest day when you need to. (I plan to take mine Friday if I can last that long, Like you I started in the Saturday! No way could I swing this if it wasn’t for the 50 hour window.)
Hey, if you can finish Friday, rest up and recuperate Saturday enough for an easy (something) outdoors Sunday, that would be my strategy. (ok in fact it is-I want a nice xc ski Sunday…)


Thanks. Have been in Winnipeg once. Interesting city. Yeah, we have some amazing gravel here, and I just threw some Jones loop bars on my studded fatty. So I am DYING to get outside. Conditions will just be perfect this weekend. I think if I can finish Friday, I will be good to go on Sunday, at least at “stop and smell the frozen flowers” pace. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the TOS!

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Hmm, I haven’t been to Minnesota yet, but you’ve made it sound it lovely. Your winter bike sounds glorious, no wonder you’re dying to get outside!
You “enjoy” the rest of the tour too, and the time outside afterwards!

We really do have wonderful gravel riding. Plenty of races- come join us down in your “southernmost province”


Oh that’s beautiful! It’s like Manitoba (you know, the hilly bits of it), except it looks like your gravel roads are actually rideable!

The ones around here are… Fun in a manual car.
Deep deep gravel, potholes, washboard. heck there have been so many floods the last decade we don’t even have all our roads back🤣

I may just head in down once the world opens up again. Thanks!

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