New Sufferfest Session: "TAPERS" OUT NOW!

Dear Sufferlandrians,

Please be aware that a new Sufferfest called Tapers is waiting for you in the SYSTM app.
Tapers is the final mid-week session to get you finely tuned for your A-race.
It’s got just enough intensity to grease the engine without taking too much of a toll.

We’d be happy to hear what you think once you’ve given it a try (even if there is no try).


I made myself a mini FF-prep as an excuse to do it and it was SO awesome, I recommend to do it even though you’re not doing a prep for anything!

Such great work @Francois-Wahoo, can’t wait for the next workout!


Just completed it. Still has all the good Suf - humour, efforts (5… or was it 6?), coaching, motivation, fluffy and laser goats. Great work!


I’ll give it a whizz tomorrow.

I used to be a whizzkid.

Now I’m just excited to be able to take a whizz.


Wait, there are laser goats?

I’m in.


oh crap… I think I got my English a little mixed up here. Maybe not whizzz then! :smiley:


You used it correctly. Whizz has multiple meanings…most of which are slang. And that’s what makes it it fun.

It’s a huge improvement! Well done.

The videos are good - I liked the “drop him” challenges during the 30/30s and the coordinated finish line sprints in the 20/40s. Much more distracting/entertaining than previous no Vids.

The focus on 1:2 breathing and relaxed face also a good addition to the workout. It’s a perfect session to practice this.

And it seems to be basically the same training/taper stimulus as before - but a little shorter overall, which is a good thing.

A great new addition! I would put it up there with Recharger as one of the more fun ones.


Did this yesterday.


  • Shorter than the no-vid
  • The timing of the music, coaching, cameos with the efforts and recoveries
  • Mix of classic and new SUF humor


  • I got nothing

I’d agree with the others - really upbeat and engaging video, much better than the previous no-vid. The warmup speed & music tempo is perfect. I found some of the tip delivery a little cheesy (mainly the start of the breathing bit) but not too bad.

Couple of typos/errors:
There’s a reference to 4x 30/30 (when it’s actually 5x - unless this is a sneaky homage to extra intervals in revolver).
There’s a spot where the text overlaps the ‘breathe 1:2’ icon and is illegible. Somewhere in the middle.
And lastly there was a … dang, can’t remember exactly what or when. Nearer the end, something to do with getting “from suffering” instead of “suffering from”. I’ll have to do it again to spot it…

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I just tried tapers, but cadence was difficult to keep, asked for 80 I was hardly pedalling and the app was at over 100 , downloaded the Video and using wahoo kickr v5 tried a few times any ideas thanks

I really like the icon you created for this workout! Have put the Tapers on my schedule for next week. Not because of an A-race but a very longish long group ride planned for the weekend.


Really looking forward to riding it soon, excellent addition!

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I found the 1:2 breathing pretty difficult. The suffer face not so much of a problem :joy:


It really is a good session

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This is my favorite video(not workout) so far. It is very different from the old school sufferfest videos. I like music choices and how scenes and storylines are integrated. It is simple, clean and beautiful in terms of media production that I truly love. I really hope more serious workouts(main course in a plan) with the same style will be released in the near future. Great work!


Although there’s fairly wordy (and breathy) SUFScience, or whatever we call it now, content in this one it’s presented in a way that, imho, respects The Sufferfest tradition. The video and audio are well crafted and, having done it a few times now, keep me motivated throughout. I’m not normally one for extended mellow but found myself surprisingly powered up by the recovery section between rounds 2 and 3 of the taper shakes. 7 minute cooldown? Well it’s not really a cooldown, more a part of the workout, so I can live with it (as long as it doesn’t become a thing). Loved Fluffy’s appearance (shame she didn’t reappear later and eat those stoopid goats but… ah well :t_rex:). All just my opinion. Please Sir, I want some more.