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I am still in base of a block periodisation plan. While in this phase I’ve done the excellent Elements of Style session four times. I’m getting better at most of the techniques except in one area- standing on the peddles. I cant stand at 75 rpm and peddle efficiently. I fact the peddles sort of slap down and the only thing that works is to go down several gears. It means I. Doing 60 rpm but my watts is well over twice the prescribed amount.

Bit of back story, at start of B1 I had a relatively really low ftp of 138 but nm power of 868 watts. So I’m stronger on peddles than my ftp yo a ratio of 6.3/1. This should change when I do half monty at the end of B2 next week. Another thing is that my peak watts is much higher sat down than stood up. Again, I have to think its something to do with my technique.

There’s a GCN video on this topic. It’s pretty good.
GCN - how to ride out of the saddle

The key is to be able to stand on the pedals and control your cadence by keeping pressure on the foot that’s going up, so not put all your weight on the downward pedal.

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Does this lowish power standing technique get used in any outdoor situations or is it just an indoor trainer technique?

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Hi, I’ve never been great at standing up. It’s different though outside as you can manipulate the bike position more easily. As is the case inside I can’t get nearly as much power stood up as I can stood down.

Hi. Thanks for sending that link. It’s a good video and I’ve definitely tried those techniques before but it didn’t really help because I can’t find a fluid stroke. It would be great if wahoo could do a specific session on this covering body position and peddling technique as the elements session does as I can see loads of similar posts about peddling stood up at that cadence.

The GCN video has some good info. Particularly the bit about keeping some pressure on the back foot, especially when riding indoors. Doing this can help keep your weight evenly distributed to even out your pedal stroke and help with the fluidity that you’re lacking. I think it’s good to practice this at first in big gears with your cadence low, and practice in easier gears gradually for short periods of time as you feel improvement. You can also start with more weight in your arms on your handlebars in order to keep your body weight more even on the pedals, and as you get more fluid in the pedal stroke, gradually shift weight off your hands and into your pedals. I’ll also add another vote to the list for a standing technique video.


Hi, thank you. I’ll certainly give that a go.

Yes very important outdoors to give some relief from sitting on the saddle especially as there is more weight on the saddle at low power.


Definitely. Riding up climbs at a variety of cadences. Also, after sitting for an hour, your undercarriage needs a break. Also I do this when sprinting or trying to, on one of our mile long sprint zones.

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@JGreengrass @jmckenzieKOS Thanks for the thoughts. I definitely get out of the saddle outside to give myself a break, but I don’t think I ever thought of myself as putting weight on both feet. I just upshift until I’m comfortable. But I like the idea of getting comfortable in a variety of cadences and powers, both standing and sitting.

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