THE OFFICIAL 2023 ARBtWiT (formerly ARBToS)

Ah, you do wine too, do you @isa? Never been able to bring myself to branch out…I lack the patience, I guess.




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Yes, I love having it on hand for cooking too. I don’t do anything too fancy, just enjoy doing kits and the odd picked fruit wine.Shiraz and dry whites from cheap kits turn out really well for me.
Mind you, I certainly don’t have very refined taste in wine ha.

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Literally why I ride, but absolutely fair. Good on you!

And for what it’s worth, I think you mentioned you live in Süd Tirol? I envy you your location!


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I live in Denver. Near the road that doubled as Mt. Sufferlandria in the finale of TGTTOS. It’s Lookout mountain road out of Golden, Colorado. Having ridden it many times (and my spouse and i were married at the top in 1989!) I can verify that for sure


Luckily, it’s not really a volcano!


Oh ha! I misread. Yeah that makes sense. Thought you were referring to earlier in the video. I definitely thought the :volcano: part was out west somewhere.


Final beverage of the day. Cheers for beers!


Newbie here who has finished his first tour. That was fun. I especially enjoyed the Mt. Sufferlandria ride at the end by Mike. I mentioned in some other post I live near a real and active volcano (Mt. Etna) so will the vid as my inspiration to climb the mountain.

Here’s my end of the tour celebration dinner. Stinko and an artigianale beer from the Piedmont region.


So, definitely behind the power curve here, but I was lousy at grabbing a pic and posting. At any rate, my regular evening adult beverage during the was a Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA (love the “bite”). On Friday, I switched it up to a Smithwick’s in honor of St. Patrick’s Day :slight_smile: And now the tour is complete I am contemplating the week’s events while enjoying a healthy pour of Old Forester 1897 (a bottled in bond, 100 proof, bourbon). It is, shall we say, delicious.


Better late than never!

:beers: :beers: :beers: