The old ball coach gets coached up! 🏀

I am a coach. I spent 25 years coaching basketball and teaching physical education. I’ve also taught at the collegiate level in the physical education department at Samford University, I also teach indoor cycling using a power meter within each and every training session. I know how to train athletes, I understand fitness, goal-setting and how to set up a program for success. But… even an “old coach” needs to be coached up! The customized program allowed me to follow the guidance of knowledgeable exercise physiologists and coaches. Neal Henderson and Simon Debortoli combined for the 1-2 punch that I needed to gain fitness through accountability. The calls with Simon were enjoyable and personable and the expertise training plans associated with Neal Henderson are top notch! I’ve trained for marathons, centuries and triathlons. I’ve followed Jeff Galloway, Hal Higdon and other experts in the field of endurance sports. I would put this program up against any/all of the best in the business for quality and results! I tend to look at results qualitatively and quantitatively. From a qualitative standpoint, I woke up each morning looking forward to studying my game plan for the day and finding out what was on tap for my training and I felt so much more confident on my group rides. From a quantitative standpoint, the proof is in the pudding! I improved in 3 out of 4 of the 4DP categories. The only category I didn’t improve on was the 5 second NM sprint, and that was due to mechanical/operator error. My overall goal was to improve FTP and drop weight. My FTP improved 9 Watts, from 200 to 209 and my weight stayed steady. I’ll take that as a WIN!


Well done! And congratulations to the improvements :clap:

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So…you liked it then?


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