The Sufferfest - The Movie

Did I mention that I have way too much time on my hands to think about the suffer-verse? :slight_smile:

I love the videos. The workouts are challenging, the music fits perfectly, and the humor hits always at the right time.
What I would like - at some point - is a behind the scenes look on how a video is created.

It’s time to slap a camera onto the minions and follow Sir David, Sir Neal and Co. around.

I would absolutely love the chance to get a behind the scenes look on how a piece of art is created.
Who’s with me on this?

Maybe the documentation is even a workout-video in itself? Call it “the rough-draft”? Too meta?


Titled: “Keeping up with the Minions” ? :slight_smile:


You really want to see how the sausage is made? Oh dear.


It’s mostly Sir Neal laughing at how evil the workout is and Sir David laughing at his own jokes while watching pro cycling footage :smile:


Let’s not spoil the trick by seeing how the magic is created :rabbit: :tophat:. I would however love to watch a movie of the minions riding a workout that I create especially for them :hamster: :smiling_imp:


THAT I would DEFINITELY watch! That’ll teach them.

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There already is: Teletubbies - the movie…

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You are not wrong.


Is that a new workout title “The Sausage”? I cringe with anticipation. Throw their legs in the meat grinder and see what comes out the other end.


All joking aside - and whilst I understand Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS’s desire to retain a bit of mystique - there have been some attempts to do this previously, albeit in blog form rather than any sort of video. See the link here:

Angels is one of my favourite workouts, and whilst this article refers to Original Angels - the one with La Redoute, Col d’Eze and Alpe d’Huez as the climbs, rather than the updated version we’ve got now - I think it’s a really interesting and insightful glimpse into how the original workouts came into being, whilst also showing how far the SUF has come in 10 years.