The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 7: To Get To The Other Side workout on RGT Stelvio

My uphill(s) weren’t great, but I did put in a @#$% hell of a descent.



I saw you. You were like the AGM-183A!!

I had to Google that.

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Agreed Sir @Glen.Coutts. Also @campbham check out the points that @FatSprinter made on a similar topic a few weeks ago. SYSTM X gives you a number of different tools to get the job done. Use what works for you to meet your goals.


Hmmm… that’s strange but not at all surprising in all honesty… :frowning: But nevertheless, it’s a job well done from your own end for getting through TGTTOS. I hope the Company has sorted it out for you eventually. Don’t forget to do the 3 minutes breathing exercise, it might help you earn the Wahoo-what-in-the-world-thing Tour badge on SYSTM.


Thanks for the explanation. 7b sounds like fun (Spoken like a true Sufferlandrian, which I’m not). Taking today off so maybe Monday. I do want to give RGT try.


Systems running or final stage. ( I hope )


finally made it! Now I’m off to stare at the white brick wall for another 3 min

Thanks everybody in this forum for the spirit, humor, irony, sarcasm, bashing, helping, cheering etc.
Your humble Peasant of Sufferlandria


Like some others I experienced tech issues with the RGT app. Firstly, it was not clear how to run TGTTOS in RGT on the Stelvio. After some digging around on this forum I found helpful instructions…and turned out its really very simple. Think Wahoo could have communicated this better.

Once riding it made an interesting change to ride this workout on the Stelvio (I really like the original too). But 1h 3mins into it, the app crashed. Had to ‘force quit’ it, reboot and got a message that the app had ‘quit unexpectedly’ and did I want to continue the ride. Clicked ‘yes’ but when it took me back there was no sign of the workout, simply put me into ‘Just Ride’ mode with 4.5km to go.

Then, a few mins later, the app crashed again - highly annoyed by this point. ‘Force quit’ again, rebooted, resumed and this time got to the top…but had to ride at ‘proper’ power output reflecting the 7%-14% gradient rather than TGTTOS power profile.

In summary, a great concept for the Tour but a shoddy app (not experienced crashing with Systm or Zwift) which spoils the experience and a poor ‘showcase’ as no doubt this stage was designed to do. On the plus side, I got an extra slice of suffering - the last 4.5km took longer and at higher power vs the structured workout! Wahoo - please sort out the tech, need this platform to be stable if I’m to take it seriously and use it more.


Chapeau! Sockgame strong as expected…


Thanks for the reply. Absolutely love SYSTM - would have been a perfect finale having Mike Cotty talking me up the Stelvio…:slight_smile:


And is where 100% of the development effort should be, instead of minor wins for marginal user groups :slight_smile:


So I lost internet at my home Thursday’s stage on Friday. Saturday I did stages 7 and 8 early so I could get to a St. Patrick’s Day 10k, I am so glad I used the Systm for TGTTOS. It sounds like it didn’t go well on RGT… I did the celebration but on my calendar the workout isn’t green, does this mean I finished? Note: when I started it I was getting off my bike

Annotation 2023-03-20 072256

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@sbrault Did you get the badge? If not I would suggest either running the celebration video again or contacting support and they should be able to fix it for you.

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Maybe it’s just me. So I tried this morning to do TGTTOS on RGT in Level mode, 100% trainer difficulty. The FTP in RGT does not reflect my latest result (but only 5 watts off). I bailed after 2 km. I was constantly above target power and below cadence. I was in the small ring in front and large ring on the back.

  1. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Am I just out of shape despite finishing the tour?
  3. Do I just not understand the settings? (Thinking 100% trainer is same as 100% intensity therefore geared for the rider’s FTP).

That heap of mess in the corner of the Pain Cave


Hey @Jeffrey, level mode on RGT at 100% intensity means the effort will reflect the gradient that you’re on. Since this is a significant climb, the small ring, big cog combination is what I needed to ascend it for stage 7b.
Reducing the trainer difficulty is akin to having more gears on your bike. Your physical effort will be reduced but so will your speed.

At my current fitness and weight, trainer difficulty at 100%, I stayed in the small ring and big cog (34/32) for nearly the whole climb.

Climb stats:
Elapsed time 1hr 56min (including a quick nature break)
NP 172 watts
Avg HR 138 bpm, max 155 bpm
1168 calories burned
Avg cadence 58 rpm Max cadene 93 rpm
Avg speed 7.2 kmh Max speed 27.1 kmh

Descending was a LOT faster :slight_smile:

Bottom line: big climb = long slow grind.


@Jeffrey Adding to Sir @Glen.Coutts if you want to do the workout you actually need to be in ERG mode. Otherwise it is a simulation of the punishing climb to the top of the 2nd highest road in Europe.


Hmmm, what is the highest then, and when will RGT have that one? :slight_smile:

It reminds me of my first visit to Seattle. My wife and I went to to the Space Needle and when we arrived at the top, the tour guide pointed to the tallest building in Seattle (which we thought we were on :stuck_out_tongue: ) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Where would I find this badge?


Look on the Progress tab, under awards. This is what it looks like on Desktop:

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I thought that if you set RGT to ERG mode your are asked for a target power which is fixed throughout the ride. I did a ride once and after a few minutes wondered why it was so easy and it was because the app was set at the default of 100 watts and that’s what it kept me at. In level mode at 100% it replicates the ride in relation to your FTP which I have set in the RGT app. Well, that’s what I understand anyway?? even though it seems the wrong way round?