Time Trial - 2 workouts on the same day - One behind the Other?

In the Time Trial Plan, there are sometimes two workouts the same day. Should they always be done one behind the other, or only when marked in the notes ?

For example, Week 1, day 3 : Igniter (Before The Long Scream) and Long Scream (After Igniter) is very clear.

On the other side :

Week 2, day 3 : Revolver and Power Station without any annotation. What is expected? One behind the other or is it equal? For example one in the morning and one in the evening?

Many thanks for the clarification.

Regards, François

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Funny, I was just about to ask a very similar question.
I have Hell Hath No Fury and 14 Vise Grips on the same day.

Was wondering if it’s meant to be done back to back or if I could do HHNF in the morning and 14VG after work. It does say on 14VG “after HHNF the coaches have set the workout on reduced intesity”…

Anyone who can help us out here?

Email the minions, but I’d presume back to back. Is the second workout at a reduced intensity? The only time I’ve seen morning and evening workouts on the plan, it’s said it explicitly with instructions to reduce the intensity of you do them back to back.

The Minions did reply :

“ Great question about training plans! Normally, if the Coaches have any specific directions about the workout, such as which workout comes first, if they should be done back to back etc, they will enter a note - and you will see the clipboard icon on your training plan, letting you know there is a note on the workout - just click on the workout to read the Coach Notes.

If there is no note, we normally recommend completing them in the order they are in your calendar and whether or not you do them back to back is up to you“


@Coach.Mac.C or @Coach.Neal.H, hi ! Could one of you answer the question regarding revolver and power station the same day in the TT Plan ? Are they meant do be done them back to back or as one feels. Many thanks. Regards from Switzerland

Hi @flongchamp - generally whenever there are two sessions on the same day on your plan, the first session is the one to be done first. In this example, Revolver would be the first session to complete and then Power Station after. Also, we usually have the higher intensity target session first, followed by the lower intensity session second. In many cases, the second session may include reduced intensity…but not always. Good luck!

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@Coach.Neal.H thank you for your answer. As I understand they are meant to be done one after the other as if it was one training session and not one in the morning and one in the evening… I am looking forward…

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Yes @flongchamp - ideally you should do the two sessions listed back to back if possible, or unless otherwise noted. Happy riding!

@Coach.Neal.H Thank you. I did them as prescribed this morning back to back ! Just the time to change the bike on the Kickr from TT Bike (Revoler) to Normal (Power Station) in between.

Very interesting to note with this experience that it is really two different systems that are used. Before proceeding, I thought that Power Station would be very very difficult because of Revolver before but I didn’t really feel that in reality. Power Station was hard as usual ( damned last 40 seconds!).


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