Should the two same day workouts be done back to back?

Going through the 12 week All-Purpose Road plan. Curious if workouts set for the same day are intended to be done back-to-back, without a break. Or if a break period should be included between the two workouts. Here’s an example of a few:

Hi @gilbert,

A similar question had been asked here: Time Trial - 2 workouts on the same day - One behind the Other?

It seems like the answer is that they should be done back to back unless there are specific notes that say otherwise. Also, they should be done in the order listed in the plan. I don’t think there would be any problem with taking a short break between workouts.


Thanks way9e0! Struggled with a back-to-back today, I’ll have to fuel better for the next round.

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I asked the same question a while ago and was told bike sessions should be done back to back but things like yoga or mind training can be done at different times.

I’ve already raised a feature request to have instructions on what to do when added to the site.