ToS 2021 clash with 100km event

Dilemma dilemma… I have an event on Feb 21st (The Ballarat classic for any Victorians here in Australia - 100km / 1,000m elevation). This will be my first event in almost 14 months thanks to COVID wiping out all events in 2020 so I’m really looking forward to it.

I really don’t want to miss out on ToS, but am wary don’t want to go into the event with heavy legs. Guessing I may need to dial down the intensity on Feb 18-20 rides? (sorry GvA, will report myself to flogging station #25 on the 22nd!!).

Welcome thoughts from the more experienced sufferlandrians out here, TIA!

Hey. That’s tough.

There’s a whole heap of depends here …
Are you racing or ‘taking part’ or somewhere in the middle where you want to smash it even if it’s not a race?

Is 100km a generally ok distance for you.

If you want to be faster than you’ve ever been, then that’s not really compatible with the TOS I’d suggest as you’d want to be tapering the whole length of the TOS

If you just want to ‘get round’ the 100km but aren’t fussed by time, then hey, just don’t wreck yourself in the TOS stages and maybe try and finish as early in the window as you can.

Personally I’d skip the TOS and be thinking about the 1w to 10day plan to get me to my event.


Yeah somewhere in the middle. Not a race but a charity event but you’re spot on… Want to give it my all. I will sign up for ToS anyway and see how I go. :crossed_fingers:

You’re probably right in that it needs to be a taper week before the event. :disappointed: