ToS 2022: Stage 4 Boulder video unavailable?

Just tried to view yesterdays ToS Stage 4 video from Boulder on YouTube but it’s coming up as blocked on copyright grounds (content from FloSports).

Is anyone else getting this?


The same thing is happening with Stage 5. Can someone tell us why the Boulder feeds are being blocked because of copyright? I really enjoyed the first three from Boulder.


FYI, I just stumbled on this comment from Wahoo Fitness on the Hobart Stage 5 video. It looks like it might be a music copyright issue from something playing in the background.


FloSports owns the rights to Giro Donne in several countries. Maybe Wahoo can reach out to them and let them know that Wahoo has bought the world wide rights for use with SYSTM and that there is no intent of copyright violations under the ‘Fair Use’ clause.

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